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Lelo Loki - Male Sex Toy Review by Just_indecerous
Lelo Loki - Male Sex Toy Review by Just_indecerous - Box

It’s not very often that I get offered a chance to get my hands on a product before it’s actually released. When I got a lovely email from Lelo asking if I would be interested in trying one of their new prostate massagers I took a good hard look at the mass list of reviews that had built up over the summer and thought I’m not going to have the time. But I’m a curious fellow and was interested to see what it was that they were planning on releasing and upon seeing the name of the Lelo Loki and it’s promotional image that pile of reviews seemed to disappear. Or at the very least I managed to convince myself they had – what was one more review item!?

There was no way I was going to get a review done even close to release day without putting others off but this was called Loki and as a comics nerd and fan of myth and legend it was hard not to be impressed by the use of the name. Had it been called Thor…well I’d have cringed honestly. But Loki, Loki the trickster god – now that seemed appropriate for some reason and I accepted and waited patiently for it to arrive while scurrying to catch up with my summer tardiness!

Disclosure: The Lelo Loki was kindly supplied to me by Lelo for review.


Lelo as a brand is often accompanied by the word “luxury” and as such you would expect that the packaging to be top notch upon receiving the Loki I certainly wasn’t disappointed. It comes in a sturdy, black cardboard box with a snakeskin pattern embossed into it with a large window displaying the toy in all it’s splendor. The back contains the standard product information but also in several languages which is always a plus.

Remove the lid and you will find that the Loki sits on a raised foam base keeping the toy secure. Lift away the side panel and you will find the usb charging cable and a nice black satin bag for the toy to be stored in which is a great addition to have. Overall the packaging is sleek, sexy and I like it a lot and had it not come with it’s own back for storage I would happily keep hold of it to store the toy.

Lelo Loki - Male Sex Toy Review by Just_indecerous

Lelo Loki - Male Sex Toy Review by Just_indecerous

The Loki:

Taking the Loki itself out of the box the first thing I noticed was how soft and smooth the silicone felt as well as how well it fit in my hand. It features a 4.5” insertable shaft with a 4.5” girth at its widest point which is a nice medium size in my opinion and pretty much perfect for me. The shaft is curved upwards to make reaching your prostate easier with a tapered tip to make insertion easy as well as a flared base to prevent unwanted travel.

The handle has four buttons; a plus and minus for switching on and off as well as increasing/decreasing the power and a up and down button for selecting through the six vibration settings which feature one continuous and 5 varying pulse settings. The base of the handle has a rubber stopper which when pulled back allows the Loki to be charged via the provided USB cable and when sealed allows the product to be completely waterproof.

It comes in two colours, obsidian black and federal blue which is what can be seen here. Generally as a rule I go with black when it comes to my toys but I actually quite like this shade of blue!

Lelo Loki - Male Sex Toy Review by Just_indecerous

Lelo Loki - Male Sex Toy Review by Just_indecerous

In Use:

I won’t lie, I was quite excited about this toy and wasted no time plugging it in to charge which took about 60 minutes. After finding some water based lube I covered the Loki in it as well as myself. As this is what I would call a medium sized toy I knew I wouldn’t need anything to warm myself up and I found that the tapered tip made sliding this in very easy while laying on my side. It provided a moderately filled sensation that was very pleasant and gave myself a moment to relax around it before pressing the plus button and switching it on.

The Loki starts with on a continuous vibrate setting with a gentle but still rather rumbly feel to it and I found that increasing the power was simple with the buttons as it was way too gentle for me. Quickly though I found about 75% spot that was pretty much perfect and those vibrations were felt strong and deep which I loved.

Lelo Loki - Male Sex Toy Review by Just_indecerous

I’m not much of a pulse guy but cycled through anyway to see what was on offer and you have everything from your standard pulse to an interesting alternating pulse setting and of course the power of all of these could be controlled to be stronger or lighter as you prefer. I did find that the Loki didn’t naturally rest against my prostate which was a little frustrating.

That said it the sensations from where It rested was very enjoyable. In order to hit that prostate though I did have to pull back on the handle a little to get the tip of the shaft to nuzzle snugly against it and. All of a sudden that deep, pit of the the stomach feeling that comes when you just hit the spot was there, I was hard as nails and leaking precum like a tap and loving every second of it. With a little more pressure it wasn’t long before those deep vibrations had me seeing stars, my sphincter was trying to snap the Loki in two and I was making a mess of the sheets!

Lelo Loki - Male Sex Toy Review by Just_indecerous

Obviously for the sake of science I had to try again…and again…and again and so forth just to make sure it wasn’t a fluke and I wasn’t just particularly horny each time I needed to just double check it was that good. Trying different positions such as on my back, on all fours and kneeling and the Loki never failed to deliver a great time though each time I did find it awkward to position it just right. On my side was by far the easiest.

If you are someone that is looking for a hands free experience then you may be disappointed with the Loki but it’s clearly not designed that way, you would be better suited with one of the other Toys in Lelo’s prostate range. However I feel that this could be very easily be used hands free if the the curve was just that little bit longer so that I didn’t have to pull back on it to hit the spot.

I found it to be a relatively quiet toy, it’s certainly not a Doxy or a Rockbox 2 in terms of noise and can easily be used discreetly if that is something that concerns you. Personally the amount of noise a toy makes doesn’t bother me as long as the sound doesn’t irritate me.

Cleaning the Loki was a breeze as it is completely waterproof so just wash it in some warm water with antibacterial soap and your sex toy cleaner of choice before leaving to dry and storing away for your next play session!

Lelo Loki - Male Sex Toy Review by Just_indecerous


Me and the Loki have had a wonderful month together there is no denying that. This review probably would have come out weeks ago had I not felt the need to retest it over and over and it is almost perfect. I only wish that it was just that little bit longer, the curve a little steeper and maybe a smidgen thicker. That however is personal preference based on my body and others may find that those requirements aren’t needed for them.

That said the Loki is a fantastic prostate massager made from great quality materials that is great to look at and feels awesome in use. Not so big that it will intimidate beginners to prostate play but not so small that people like myself don’t get that filled feeling that we enjoy. It does its job very well and will help you achieve some of the most powerful orgasms you have ever felt. Waterproof, rechargeable and wrapped in a neat little package with a few additions it’s hard to say no to toy.
At £119 it may be out of a number of people’s budget but then again this is a luxury toy and given all of the above it is certainly worth it’s price tag and have no issue recommending it to anyone!

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