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Disclosure: I was sent the Big Bang Butt Plug for this review for free by and would like to thank them for the opportunity to put it through its paces.

The Packaging:

The Big Bang Butt Plug comes packaged in a silver backed, sealed plastic bag that has a clear front allowing you to see the product. Inside, along with the product you will find a few paper flyers advertising other products that are available from the company. To open you simply tear at the top which renders the packaging useless for storage but in all honesty, it’s pretty basic and shitty and not designed to be kept anyway.

The Big Bang Butt Plug:

The Big Bang Butt Plug is made from phthalate free, body safe silicone which has a very smooth, velvet feel to it with no discernible seam. It is quite firm but there is some give to it. There are 3.75” of insertable length with a gradual taper that reaches 2.4” diameter and 7.6” girth at its largest point. It has a anatomically designed, flexible T-Bar base for comfort and to prevent any unwanted travel when in use.

In Use:

I’ve had a fair number of butt plugs up my ass over the years and at this point I’m very aware of what I like and what I don’t. But with the start of 2018 and this being the first review of the year I thought I would at least give expanding my horizons (or in this case, my ass) a shot.

Holding the Big Bang for the first time filled me with equal parts delight and dread. The silicone is soft and luxuriously smooth, exactly what I want my plugs to feel like. It isn’t too heavy but at 181 grams it has a weight that I would say is pretty much perfect for me. Looking at it though I just couldn’t get over how girthy it is, at its widest point it is BIG and because it’s quite a short plug that taper gets scary fast.

With a bottle of my favourite water based lube in tow I set about the task of getting the Big Bang up a hole that tightened up at the thought of the plug being anywhere near it. Tried it on my back…nope that wasn’t working, good old spooning position, nooooope, not happening. Sitting on the damn thing? Not my prefered position for this but at least I was finally getting somewhere with it.

Using my weight to rock back and forth on the plug I very meekly worked my way down the taper, each time a little further than before and it felt absolutely fucking amazing doing so. The silicone is so smooth that just sends sensual waves through you and about half way down the plug I could feel myself as stretched as I like, expecting my asshole to just close up around the base….but there was more to go…more of a stretch.

I tried over the course of a few days but just couldn’t get the damn thing in – though I admit I enjoyed every attempt to do so immensely. The fourth day I tried again, slowly made my way down, teased with more, then a little more and still a little more, enjoying the stretch until POP!! My butthole clenches around the stem of the base, I get butterflies in my stomach, I suddenly feel so full and my dick could explode at a slight breeze. It was in!!!

Gingerly I turned the T-Bar which I found nestled beautifully between my butt cheeks and rested on the taint, this was heavenly. I stood and the weight became very apparent to me, got my jeans on and proceeded to get on with work around the house while trying not to jizz in my pants. After about 15 minutes or so I became used to the intruders placement but everytime I sat or bent over to pick something up a jolt of pleasure would fire through me to remind me it was there. I was Instantly hard again and in need of release.

I managed to hold off for about an hour and then I went back to the bedroom and allowed myself to come. It was that good I saw fucking stars! My ass could do nothing but repeatedly squeeze against the plug and each time it did was just another wave of electricity through my body. It was fucking amazing. I had to give myself about 5 minutes before I was ready to take it out but found myself so relaxed it stretched me open with ease and I removed it as slowly as I could so to extend that feeling.

Once I felt I could walk….and see! I took it too the bathroom for a clean with some antibacterial soap, hot water and some sextoy cleaner before rinsing and leaving to dry for next time. Next time came around very quickly!


The Big Bang butt plug is by no means a beginners anal toy but for intermediate players looking to move up or for advanced players that really enjoy their asshole being stretched and filled it is pretty perfect. It is fantastically put to together, the silicone is smooth and has enough give in it to not be uncompromising but firm enough that your not fighting to hold it in place.

Personally for me it is the perfect weight and if you like heavyish toys this will work well for you. The T-bar provides an amazing contrast of sensation when you finally get the plug in and it sits really comfortably during prolonged wear. This plug is now in my regularly played with drawer and stands toe to toe with my favourite plugs. Highly recommended.

If you would like your own, you can get one here.


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