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Sheets of San Francisco Funsheet Review by Just_Indecerous
Sheets of San Francisco Funsheet Review by Just_Indecerous

The dreaded “wet patch”, I’m told that sleeping in it is horrible. I wouldn’t know of course because I can’t say I’ve experienced it, being the Dominant in my relationships that’s for my ladies to do if for no other reason than it amuses me greatly. I do however have to clean the bedsheets, make sure the mattress is protected from the juices of myself and that of the ladies in my life as well as oils, lubes, wax and everything else that could end up on them. The Sheets of San Francisco Funsheet has been on my radar for well over a year at this point as a possible solution to my ladies problem. Alas it doesn’t solve mine because I still do the fucking linen in my home but as they say – “One problem at a time”.


The Sheets of San Francisco Funsheet was sent to me for this review by and I would like to thank them for the opportunity to put it through its paces.


The Sheets of San Francisco Funsheet comes packaged in a clear plastic box with some branding on the front. I’ve been informed that this packaging has now actually be changed so the picture is out of date. As for this packaging, it’s very simple and once open you will be storing your sheet in a drawer so no need to keep it.

Sheets of San Francisco Funsheet Review by Just_Indecerous

The Sheets of San Francisco Funsheet:

The Sheets of San Francisco Funsheet is made from 60% polyester and 40% polyurethane and comes in black or white. You can either have either fitted or a flat sheet and it ranges in sizes from double to superking with both EU and US sizes catered to and it was a flat kingsize sheet that was sent to me. The sheet is fluid proof and the part that you are supposed to get wet or messy has a smooth, rubber like feel to it, the underside has a netted texture to it. The sheet is washing machine safe and can be tumble dried which makes cleaning after use really simple.

In Use:

When I was given the option over which of the sheets I would want to try I opted for the flat sheet because I could use it as a throw and not reserve it for just the bedroom. After taking it out of its packaging and running my hand over the material I immediately felt as though I was touching rubber. It definitely has that texture but I didn’t find it to be as sticky as a lot of rubber products feel and that for me is a big plus as I’m generally not a fan of rubber clothing or sheets for that reason.

I stripped the linen off the bed and put the Funsheet in place which was easy enough and it actually looked really cool to me. Now I know I’m not the only one in this world who appreciates the look and feel of freshly clean sheets on a bed and straight out of the box there are no creases on this sheet at all. So what next? Of all the options open to me for crazy shenanigans with this sheet, which did I choose to do first you scream? And the answer is…I put the duvet back on and went to sleep.

Sheets of San Francisco Funsheet Review by Just_Indecerous

Now in all fairness I am not the kind of person who is going to use this for sleeping on but I know that there is plenty of you out there that would so it was only fair that I tested it that way to give my thoughts. The sheet is quite cold at first but does feel smooth, not quite satin smooth but close enough for me to enjoy it. The sheet does warm up really quickly though, particularly if there is more than just yourself in the bed and can quickly become sticky with sweat. That said, I did find that if you are in the bed by yourself you can easily roll to the other side and you will cool down again. All in all the nights spent sleeping on it were comfortable and if you have a fondness for PVC bedsheets you will be right at home here – just without the squidgy squeaking.

Ok so it works as a sheet but what how about what it’s designed for? How does it work with shit all over it? And by shit I mean things like spunk, girl squirt, lube and stuff. Though if actual shit is your thing; you do you, I’m sure it will work just as well. For me though I was more than happy to cover it in my slaves girly juices as she squirted all over the place. The juices just resting nicely on top of the sheets, not a drop soaking through and I tried. I mean really tried and all I got was a puddle in the middle of the sheet and not so much as a drop on my actual bedsheets.

Sheets of San Francisco Funsheet Review by Just_Indecerous

I spunked more than my fair share on the funsheet, I threw wax on it, I emptied half a bottle of three different types of lube on it and again nothing got through. A particular favourite of the testing and I highly recommend this one is to empty an entire bottle of baby oil on the sheet, spread it around and then wrestle-fuck your submissive, partner or hell just wank by yourself. It’s great fun! When you’re all done doing what you do, as messy as you want to do it just take the sheet off and voila! Bedsheets are perfectly dry and fine!

Cleaning the sheets afterwards is an absolute breeze as well. Over the course of testing i’m not sure how many time’s I washed it but I did so on an hour long cycle at 30 degrees and every time it has come out spotless. Though I will say that it comes out absolutely soaked with the water just running off of it, not a bad thing but if you can only dry indoors then it’s something to know. On the subject of drying It I don’t know if it should go in the tumble drier because I don’t understand the obscure language of washing/drying symbols. However I have had it in the drier several times and it has come out perfectly each time, only really requiring about half an hour to fully dry.

Sheets of San Francisco Funsheet Review by Just_Indecerous


The Sheets Of San Francisco Funsheet Plus that I have is going to set you back around £129 and yes I know that is a steep asking price for one sheet but to be honest it is the only criticism I can make – it’s expensive. But in reality if you want to buy a full bedspread made of silk you are going to be paying through the teeth, trust me I know and it’s worth every penny. The same is true here, you are paying a premium for a top quality material with top quality construction that is second to none in it’s class.

If you are into rubber feel things these sheets are going to work for you, if you are into sploshing, watersports, have a partner who can squirt constantly or you’re just a clumsy fucker who can’t help but spill the candle wax. Then the Sheets Of San Francisco Funsheet is a must have to save your good linen from the mess. It’s easy to use and it’s easy to clean. Plus, baby oil fuck-wrestling – you’ve got to try it!

If you would like to get your own you can get some from here.

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