Masturbation Monday 138 – Late For Lunch

#MasturbationMonday by Just_Indecerous
#MasturbationMonday by Just_Indecerous

Late for Lunch:

She hurriedly closed the door behind her, trapping the cold wind that had left her hair a dishevelled mess behind her.  The warmth of the house washed over her bringing a sigh from her lips as she closed her eyes to enjoy the respite. They snapped open as quickly as they had closed remembering the reason for her haste. Removing her coat she placed it on the peg and then using the mirror made her best efforts to tidy up her hair before focusing on straightening her skirt and the seams of her stockings.

She opened the door to the living room, as she walked across its length she could smell the aroma of dinner emanating from the dining room and could see the soft lighting of the candles through the ajar door. Upon entering she could see him sitting at the end of the table, hands clasped together as though in prayer.

“You’re late dearest, the meal that I have prepared for us is getting cold and you know how much it displeases me having to wait to begin.” He said softly.

“I am sorry Sir, if I may just…”

“Our food is getting cold dearest” cutting her off. “You’ve just walked home and it’s freezing outside, take a seat and eat. It will warm you up”.

She stepped towards the table and pulled the chair out gasping slightly, shooting a brief look his way before returning her eyes to the chair. On the seat was a fake cock, held in place by its suction cup at the base, it pointed accusingly at her. Though it was not the largest of their toys it seemed to grow in her mind as her eyes fixed upon it.  She gave him a pleading look “Sir I…” she started.

His eyes met hers, an intense gaze that silently demanded compliance. There was no lubricant in sight so she dropped to her knees gracefully as she had done countless times before and allowed a glob of saliva to fall from her lips over the head of the dildo. With her hands she massaged the member as though it were his own, spreading the liquid before taking it in her mouth and continuing to coat it with her tongue.  She felt the warmth of her pussy grow and felt a dribble down her inner thigh, satisfied with her work she stood and slowly hitched her skirt up over her hips before pushing her panties to the side, another drop down ran down her thigh. Slowly she worked the dildo into her cunt never taking her eyes from him until it filled her completely.

“You are no slouch dearest, straighten up” he said.  She did as commanded, straightening her back and lifting her chin, scolding herself for the fault.

“So how was work dearest?” he asked with a smile before placing a slice of chicken into his mouth.

As she chewed her food she tried to recall the events of the day finding it hard to focus on anything other than the lower half of her body, the wetness between her legs, the silicone invader holding her open and filling her like he does. Her mind skipped from the fake cock to images of the real one, his cock, sliding in and out of her in a methodical fashion all his own  Her pussy clamped around the prick inside her in response, sending a bolt of lightning through her body and causing her to fidget a little. His cough brought her back from her reverie.

“Not so good to be honest Sir, a client was quite uppity about the designs we had sent to him and was less than polite about it on the phone.” she took another mouthful of the warm food and swallowed before continuing. “I wouldn’t have minded of course but they were my designs and if you recall I had worked hard on them.”

“Was this the restaurant designs?” He asked before sipping at his wine.

“Yes Sir, I spent ages on that portfolio and then to have it just pulled apart by someone that doesn’t have the faintest idea what they are….” She trailed off as the dampness between her legs grabbed her attention. Shifting herself to ease the discomfort only caused the fake prick in her pussy to become more of a focal point.

“What they are?…” He pressed

“Sir may I..” She began.

He cut her off with a softly spoken “continue”. His eyes now fixed on hers as if daring her to disobey.

She continued to look into those deep dark blue eyes as she resumed her story “…what they are talking about they have no idea the lengths we go to meet their requests but also they lack the knowledge to understand that some things just can’t be done. I dealt with it is as best I could though and…” Her voice trailed off as she became aware of that stirring in her lower regions.

“Sir please may…” She began

“Finish your food before it gets cold” he interjected holding her look.

“But Sir I…” she forced out “I…” Her pussy was no longer damp, it was drenched as she released a flow of piss on to the seat. Each drop that hit the wooden floor sounded like a thunderclap in her ears. She sat motionless as the feeling washed over her, her hot filled cunt was soaked, her bum was drenched, her stockings ruined. She didn’t care, she breathed a heavy sigh. She knew she would be punished for this, perhaps moping the floor with her hair she thought.

“How is your meal?” He asked expectantly

“Delicious thank you Sir” she warmly smiled back.

“Good, I’m glad you like it. Please continue.”


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  1. Kayla Lords says:

    Not into that particular kink and yet, I was completely turned on by this. 😀

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