Rimba Whip of 8 Strings – Review

Rimba Whips of 8 Strings Review by Just_Indecerous
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Disclosure: The Whip of 8 strings by Rimba was kindly supplied for review by Bondage Bunnies.


The Whip of 8 strings comes packaged in a sealed plastic bag which makes it easy to get a good look at. It rests on a branded card insert that is just that and contains no useful information. It’s very cheap and simple with no fuss but also not worth keeping. Bin it.

Rimba Whips of 8 Strings Review by Just_Indecerous

The Rimba Whip of 8 Strings:

Taking the Whip of 8 strings (which from here on I’m referring to as “the flogger”) from the packaging I laid in on the table and just looked at it…for a long time. Then I went to made a cup of tea and returned to look at it some more, tilting my head to the side every now and again, all the while thinking “I hate you – I don’t know why…but I do”.  On paper I should love this flogger, it’s leather, it’s black, it has studs on the handle which looks cool. There is a generously sized loop that I can actually fit my hand through and I can hit people with it. Yet while looking at it all I can see is cheap tat.

Rimba Whips of 8 Strings Review by Just_Indecerous

On closer inspection it doesn’t really do anything to dismiss that belief I’m afraid. The flogger is basically one piece of leather that is wrapped around a piece of plastic that hasn’t even had the ends smoothed. The leather has then been pinned to the plastic with the studs and then the remaining split into 10 falls (yes not 8 as the name would suggest). Finally a separate piece of leather has been pinned to form the loop at the base of the handle. At 24” in length it’s not a bad size though 8 of those inches are made up of the handle.

In Use:

I was always taught that looks aren’t everything and I have had several items over the years that weren’t visually appealing but worked fantastically in their intended function. This is not one of those times.

Holding the flogger felt as though it was a cheap accessory that came with some form of kinky fancy dress costume and not as its own standalone product. It is very light which in this case is a problem because as I did some practice swings to get a feel for it I found that lack of weight on the falls meant gathering a consistent momentum was arduous. As always I try everything on myself before using it on anyone else and after several strikes on a bare thigh I had a good idea of how it felt.

Rimba Whips of 8 Strings Review by Just_Indecerous

Generally impact toys fall into two types of very scientific definitions – “stingy” and “thuddy” and this flogger would fall under “stingy”. However this doesn’t really feel like a sharp sting, more the irritating kind of sting that you would get from a nettle. The red marks appeared quickly but also disappeared within a short space of time so if you are looking to leave a longer lasting mark on your play partner you’re not likely to be able to do so without a 20 metre run up to gather the required velocity.

Rimba Whips of 8 Strings Review by Just_Indecerous

Rimba Whips of 8 Strings Review by Just_Indecerous

Showing it to my lil masochist she wasn’t impressed but agreed to let me attack her rear with my usual reckless abandon. Pulling her jeans and panties down she stood as I struck several times and for the first time I heard her actually say “ouch”. Now she is very much the masochist in that she enjoys pain, the right pain gets her wet so “mmmm” or a playful growl are the sounds I would normally hear when striking her. It didn’t take long for her to ask to stop, again not something she generally does and her reason for doing so was simply that “it just didn’t feel nice”. It didn’t fill her with that warmth that generally follows the pain more that it felt more like an itchy rash.

Rimba Whips of 8 Strings Review by Just_Indecerous


Each person that I have tried this on over the last month or so just don’t enjoy the feeling it creates and they range from not slightly masochistic to very masochistic. As the Dominant in the play I don’t like how I feel when wielding it which is that I’m holding a tacky fancy dress prop. It’s too light to wield comfortably, there aren’t enough falls and they are too thin. It takes more effort than it should to utilise this flogger the way I and those I play with like.

I can tell it’s designed to be an inexpensive entry to flogging, a cheap way to try it out but in all honesty how it feels as a recipient is more likely to turn them off the idea. Currently at Bondage Bunnies it is out of stock but if memory serves it was retailed at £19.99 and I wouldn’t pay more than £11.99 given the quality and feel of it if I were forced at gunpoint to buy it. It’s not the worst impact toy I’ve ever used, that title is still held by the Fetish Fantasy Control Cane which should stay in the ninth circle of hell. The Rimba Whip of 8 (10) Strings should be banished to the fourth. 


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