Wicked Wednesday #149 – Goals

One of the things I love about our D/s relationship is goal setting. I am a terrible procrastinator and I will put everything off or “plan” as I tend to say for a ridiculously long time as I like to think everything through, consider all variables and so on and so forth before even taking a step.

As a Dom I feel it is part of my responsibility to know what her goals are, what she wants to achieve, what she wants to do etc and to help her attain these things to the best of her ability. To the same degree it is her responsibility to help me (and in the case of my procrastination) make sure I do what I have set out to do.

One of my biggest goals has been to have a somewhat healthier lifestyle with a focus on exercise and food as these were certainly the biggest cause for concern. It’s not that I ate too much quite the opposite – I barely ate anything. Outside of fucking my cardio consisted of walking from my desk to the kitchen and back to get a cup of tea.

I have always been a slender guy and when I say slender I really mean skinny and as a skinny nerdy guy that never got enough sunlight I was bullied. I don’t want to wax lyrical or be miserable but just setting the scene, next came depression in my teens for numerous reasons and with that came a loss of appetite. I found that I could function on a single meal per day, copious amounts of caffeine and a smoking habit that would make Bill Hicks blush.

Below is a picture that pains me to look at now:


This obviously isn’t me in my teens, this is a couple of years ago but those habits I picked up all those years ago followed me for a long time. I cannot tell you how much I hate this image, I’m average height (5’11) and here I weighed just over 8.5 stone, not the worst I ever was but by no means healthy.

I hated taking my top off with a passion and would go out of my way to avoid doing it in front of anyone, even her. I would fuck with a t-shirt on and everything else was off because I hated how it looked so much.

With some prompt I joined a gym which was the easy part to be honest along with maintaining it. It was just me, a bar with weights and Megadeth blasting into my ears and the only person I was competing with was myself in order to better what I had done the week previous. Eating well and more was the hard part and this is where she for all intents and purposes became naggiest of nagging people! But that’s what I needed her to do to help me and no matter how much is pissed me off it did what was needed in that it kept me focused on the goal…and gave me plenty to vent at when at the gym!


As I tend to do with most things I take things too far and try to go further than is required. The above image brings a gleam to her eyes and has her licking her lips and was about 3 months in and yeah there is definition there…but for every workout there was 2 or 3 days following where I was so fucked I could barely move. Again she brought me back into line, keeping me focused on what I was aiming for which was health not competing in Mr Universe.


This is what I look like now and yes I’m still slender but I don’t look as though I haven’t had a decent meal in a month or two. If she hadn’t been helping me reach this goal I know I would never have got there, I wouldn’t have moved frankly. I’m a healthy weight, I am eating well and often and I still workout just without screwing myself up so badly that we can’t actually fuck because I’m stiff and sore in all the wrong places!

Hopefully I can help her with her goals as much as she has helped me with this one. The last picture isn’t really relevant It’s just my favourite picture of me at the gym and if I could have taken my top off I would, because I’m really happy with how it looks.



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5 thoughts on “Wicked Wednesday #149 – Goals”

  1. This is such a raw and honest post. It brought a lump to my throat, as it made me think of our situation, my Husband, me. But also about my son. It just brought back so many feelings and made me realize that love can change so much. I like to think that I did for my Husband what your love did for you, and I hope one day my son will have the same love in his life, that will bring him what he deserves.

    Rebel xox

  2. Velvet Rose says:

    Finding balance in life is a great goal and you seem to have found a way with the help of your lady to do this. It is so good when people can balance each other out and this is what I see here.

    Velvet x

  3. Molly says:

    This is a very honest and revealing piece and I applaud you for writing it. We all have our demons, sometimes airing them can not only be cathartic for us but it also has the potential for someone reading this to hear that they are not alone in their own struggles. creating a conversation about issues like this is so important in my opinion


  4. Yes wonderfully open and revealing post . . . and lovely that you are sharing and benefitting so much from your relationship. Long may it continue!!!
    Xxx – K

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