Titus Anal Hook – Review

Titus Anal Hook with 40mm Ball Review by Just_Indecerous - Hook
Titus Anal Hook with 40mm Ball Review by Just_Indecerous - Hook

Disclosure: The Titus Anal Hook was kindly supplied to me for review by Clone Zone


The Titus Anal Hook came packaged in a clear sealable plastic bag and had a little branding card attached to a small chain around the ring. I was sent the 50mm ball upgrade as well which was contained in the same bag but also had its own smaller bag and was wrapped in bubble wrap. Nothing special here or worth keeping.

The Titus Anal Hook:

Taking the hook out of the bag the first thing I noticed was the size and the weight of this hook and according to my trusty measuring tape and scales it is 30cm long and weighs in at approximately 400 grams. Which is you compare that to the anal hook I reviewed from Spanking is not only significantly larger but also eight times heavier! The reason for so much of a weight difference between to two comes down to the 40mm diameter ball that comes with the hook, these are completely solid steel balls (tee hee) where the hook that I got from Spanking had hollow ones.

The Titus anal hook is made from 100% surgical grade stainless steel which not only looks awesome but is very sturdy. I may have tried hulking it up to try and bend the hook a few times and failed spectacularly. It features a ring at the top of the hook for attaching it to other things, for me this would be rope but you could use whatever you want. The ball is removable just by unscrewing it allowing for larger and heavier upgrades should you wish.

Titus Anal Hook with 40mm Ball Review by Just_Indecerous - Hook

All in all it is perfectly crafted with no obvious defects or blemishes to the steel, the ball screws in tightly so there is no fear of it coming off and when connected it almost looks like one solid piece. Being stainless steel it is very easy to clean and sterilize, put it in boiling water for 10/15 minutes and then finish of with some warm water, anti bac soap and some sex toy cleaner.

In Use:

One of the things I love doing with anal hooks is attaching it to a play partners hair to keep their posture perfect but alas on this occasion I didn’t have anyone available to play that little game with so I opted to use the hook on myself. I began by warming it up a little in warm water because I know how cold steel is and I don’t have to make myself suffer as I enjoy doing with submissives.

While that was happening I was using a smaller toy to warm up and get myself lubed up. As the hook has a round ball there is no taper obviously so I wouldn’t recommend going straight for it without some prep unless you are experienced enough and sure you can. Satisfied I was ready i added some lube and slid the warmed up hook in which was a very satisfying, especially as I closed around the stem of the hook.

Titus Anal Hook with 40mm Ball Review by Just_Indecerous - Size Comparison

The hook gave a really pleasant feeling while in and the weight of it was pulling down which is a nice addition to having something up there I can tell you! Standing I found that the curve of the hook was placed snugly in the crack of my rear and was very comfortable, flush against my back as I held it in place – mimicking it being attached to something. Moving the hook up, down and around shifted the position of the ball which felt really good inside me and I can imagine several ways of using this during solo play.

Satisfied with the results I removed the hook from a very upset ass and decided to try the 50mm upgrade ball that Clone Zone also sent me. This upgrade which has to be purchased separately looks terrifying to me. It is only 1cm larger in diameter than the standard ball but it weighs a whopping 525 grams without the hook attached – that’s half a kilo people! After attaching it and applying more lube I began to work it in which took a few attempts because it is pretty large but the stretch did feel delicious and when it finally popped in my god did it feel good! Far more filling than the 40mm ball and so much heavier which had me clenching around it for fear of gravity winning the battle. Doing the same as before I thoroughly enjoyed moving it around and having it stretch and fill me and after a thorough test couldn’t help but play!

Titus Anal Hook with 40mm Ball Review by Just_Indecerous - Ball Comparison Small

Titus Anal Hook with 40mm Ball Review by Just_Indecerous - Ball

Sadly all good things must come to an end and I removed the hook, giving myself that one final stretch before it came out. Clean up afterwards was simple, taking the ball off and washing it in 3 parts with soap, water and some sextoy cleaner before throwing it back in the pan to boil and sterilize before putting it away and awaiting a willing play partner to experience it…or me just using it again!!


I’m never a fan of writing about products that I have nothing bad to say about it, it’s almost always more entertaining to read. But the fact is that there nothing to complain about with the Titus Anal hook. It is fantastically made, it looks amazing and it feels really good in use. Great quality material and easy to use and clean, what’s not to love?

In comparison to the anal hook I received from Spanking you also get more hook for your money. I prefer the weight that comes with the standard 40mm ball that comes with this hook though I would say for beginners the size and weight may be a concern. For advanced players it is a must have.
If you are into anal hooks or have been flicking your way through Tumblr and become curious about them – at £31.99 I cannot recommend the Titus Anal Hook enough to you.


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