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Tantus Zing Review by Just_indecerous - Header
Tantus Zing Review by Just_indecerous - Header

Disclosure: I was kindly supplied the Tantus Zing Butt Plug for review by Tantus.


The Zing comes packaged in a stylish white box with a few splashes of colour here with windows on three of the sides that give you a clear look at the butt plug, the back of the box contains some product blurb. Within the box the Zing is contained in a shaped to fit plastic casing which keeps it both clean and secure and all in all it a very neat little package.


The Zing:

The Zing is made from Tantus’ 100% ultra premium silicone as and such contains no phthalates, is completely body safe, eco friendly and hypoallergenic. It is also completely waterproof and suction cup compatible. It measures 4.2” in length and has a 4.5” girth at it’s widest point. The Zing gets its name from the addition of a separate 1 speed 60mm bullet vibe that is slid into an open compartment at the base of the butt plug.

The Zing is glossy and comes in either black or purple. It features a tapered tip to help with insertion and a textured, ribbed effect for added stimulation. Passed the ribs has a large flared base which will prevent any unwanted travel and will rest nicely against underwear if you plan on using it out and about. There are no visible seams in the mold with the Tantus brand on the base. The Zing is quite flexible, particularly towards the base and has a good amount of give when squeezed and the silicone over all feels soft and smooth.



In Use:

Taking the Zing up the the bedroom I happily inserted the bullet, lubed up the butt plug and worked it in. The tapered head made for a nice gradual start to opening me up which followed by that ribbed texture felt fantastic. I spent a bit of time playing with just that section of the plug as the feeling was so nice as you slid it back and forth. Eventually I allowed it to slide all the way in, which it did easily before pressing the button on the vibe and…I was disappointed.

The vibe itself has an OK level of power but it is not the strongest that I own and when placed in the butt plug a lot of those power seems dampened. I could feel the vibrations but it was nothing to scream about so I opted to switch it out for my Rocks Off which is more powerful and has more than one setting. This worked better and provided more stimulation to my innards as well as give me several options for how that stimulation was delivered.



While it did work better with a different bullet I eventually removed it and just used the plug without as I went about my daily business, re-lubing it regularly. I kept it in for a good few hours and it never became uncomfortable as I moved about or as I was sitting writing. It’s not so big that I had a consistent full feeling but it was large enough to remind me that it was there as I moved. I’ve used it several times in this way and it has been an enjoyable experience each time.

Keeping it clean is very simple as with most Tantus products as it is a really good quality silicone so it is boilable, bleachable and you can throw it in the dishwasher. I personally prefer hot water and antibacterial soap followed by a good sex toy cleaner and leaving it to dry before returning to the toy box for use another time.


The Zing is a good butt plug there’s no doubt about that. Is it good enough to knock the Twist off it’s place as my favourite? No it’s not. While I do like this plug there are a few issues that I have with it. Firstly I don’t really like the gloss as it looks cheap in comparison to Tantus’ toys that are matte. It’s certainly not cheap it just appears that way in comparison and that is entirely subjective. I feel the bullet lets this plug down as it is sold as a vibrating butt plug and for me it just isn’t powerful enough for my tastes. This can be somewhat resolved by using another, more powerful bullet but you shouldn’t have to be doing that.

Outside of those two things though I think it is a good butt plug without the vibrating aspect. It is very comfortable to wear for prolonged periods of time, it’s easy to insert and those ribs are an absolute delight when played with. The material is top notch as is the quality of its construction, it’s easy to clean and use and the perfect size for beginners looking to move up to an intermediate size.

At $49.72/£32.39 it is about ten dollars more than the Twist and that can only be because of the addition of the bullet which I don’t think adds that much value to the product. However if for that price Tantus made a solid, Matte version of this plug without the vibe I would be all over it as a worthy contender to the Twist’s throne.

Sound Like Zingy Zangy Fun?
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