Tantus Panty Play – Review

Disclosure: The Tantus Panty Play was kindly supplied by Tantus for me to review.

When the awesome people over at Tantus offer me my choice of things to review the Panty play was right up there at the top of the list. Those of you that are familiar with the site and my previous reviews will know that in D/s play I am a big fan of forced orgasm and orgasm denial. The Tantus Panty play seemed like it would be a great addition to that fun and with it being hands free opened up the opportunity for more sneaky public play.

The video review covers what I think of the Tantus Panty Play overall as a product. What I liked about it and what I think needs to be improved. I’ll give you this one for free – the bullet needs to be improved. But the compartment that the bullet fits into is standard bullet size so if you don’t get on with it as I didn’t you can always place your favourite bullet vibrator in there. I did this with a freebie that I got while at the Erotic Trade Only show and found it far better personally.

To hear all my thoughts on the Tantus Panty play then check out the review video above where I cover what I think of the idea, the material and the shape of the toy. How quiet it isn’t and how stimulating it was in use for my play partner who I tried it with along with my final conclusion overall. Will it make a great addition to my hands free orgasm control games or will it be relegated to the side drawer of bitter disappointment? Watch the video review to find out. Ladies and gentleman I give you – the Tantus Panty Play.


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