Tantus Mr Universe – Review

Disclosure: The Mr Universe dildo was kindly supplied to me for review by Tantus.


The package that I was sent from Tantus contained a few different items each in their own clean and simple packaging that I have come to expect from them. The Mr Universe though came in just a clear plastic bag which was a bit disappointing to be honest as I would have liked to see it in the similarly styled box as the others. Needless to say the packaging is not worth keeping if you have something better to put in in.


Mr Universe:

The Mr Universe is made from Tantus’ 100% ultra premium silicone which is hypoallergenic and phthalate free. The silicone is soft and smooth throughout with the exception of where the Tantus brand is embossed close to the base and has a matte finish. It is obviously shaped like a huge cock, having both the head and the shaft but not ultra realistic, featuring lots of thick, bulging veins around the whole length of the shaft.

By my measurements is has 6.2” of insertable length, a massive 9.2” girth around its widest point and weighs in at a whopping 750 grams . The large round base is great for having it as a free standing toy but also means that it is safe for anal use as it prevents any unwanted travel.

Mr Universe is easy to clean thanks to being boilable, bleachable and dishwasher safe. Or you can stick with the tried and true, anti bacterial soap, sex toy cleaner & some warm water before leaving to dry.


In use:

I have put a fair amount of toys up my backside and some of them have been rather large but the idea of even trying to get this up there makes me want to hide in a cupboard behind a locked door. Perhaps if it had more of a tapered shape I would be willing to try but as it is I have no problem admitting that I’m just not that brave! Fortunately though given what I do on a daily basis and my lifestyle I have some pretty open minded friends that when you send a message saying “Hey hun, you like fisting right? Well I’ve got a mahoosive black cock here that needs a place to stay” they respond “yeah sure”.

A couple of days later she comes around and when presented with Mr Universe her eyes lit up, commenting that it wasn’t as big as she thought it would be and not as wide as the first that she takes on the regular. But safe it say that it was love at first sight and assured me that she would have no problem with it so I went about getting some water based lube for her as she unpacked a few toys to warm up with.


Well lubed and warmed up she proceeded to work Mr Universe into her pussy and I can say watching this monster slowly disappear as she worked to accommodate him was a treat. She had him resting on his base and just slowly lowered herself on to it (have I told you how much I love my life?). All the while giving me a running commentary of how it felt which went something along the lines of this “omg this is a big boy isn’t it? ahhhh, oooohhh oh fuck that’s the head, mmmm, oh wow….oh shit, there you are, oooooh that’s a nice stretch, oh my god I can’t move” or something to that effect I have to admit I was a little too entranced with it all to be paying full attention.

After finishing she commented on how soft it was, the textures of the veins feeling particularly pleasant when she twisted it around while inside here and had a very satisfying stretched and very filled feeling. Given that she really enjoys fisting that is one hell of a compliment for Mr Universe!



Mr Universe is by no means a beginner’s toy but for all of the experienced size Kings & Queens out there he would make a very welcome addition to your bedroom shenanigans. The quality is as top notch as I have come to expect from Tantus and there is a whole lot of silicone in this big boy. The only real negative thing I have to say about it is that it attracts dust like no ones business!

One day perhaps I will be brave enough to actually attempt to feel him myself but for now I don’t think I am quite ready for taking something that big up my backside but I will certainly hold on and look forward to the time when I’m ready to make that attempt.

At $143.25/£93.80 Mr Universe is not a cheap dildo however I think that the people who are going to actually want one of these is a select group that really do enjoy their size. For those people in particular I think it’s a pretty good price for the amount of cock you are getting here and the quality of it.

Fancy a a fulFILLING experience? Get your MR Universe here.


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