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Disclosure: The Cush O2 was kindly supplied to me for review by

Sometimes you have good days and sometimes you have bad days. When I was sent a message by one of Tantus’ customer service representatives complimenting the site and asking if I would like to review some of their products – it was a GOOD day.

Tantus are very well known for their high quality silicone products and if there’s a consumer of sex toys out there that doesn’t want to get their hands on something in their range they probably don’t know Tantus exists! To say that I was excited would be an understatement of the grossest kind.

Packaging & Delivery:

As the delivery was coming from the US I wasn’t expecting it any time soon but as it turned out it would have arrived within 5 days. I say would have only because it happened to fall on bank holiday weekend so I had to wait and extra 4 days – Easter weekend be damned! The large brown box containing the items was very discreet and well padded to keep everything secure.

The Cush O2 comes in a very stylish white box with some splashes of colour with plastic windows on 3 of the sides, giving you a good view of the dildo. On the back is some product blurb in several languages which is nice to see. The Cush itself is housed in a plastic casing which is shaped to fit. All in all a nicely presented package and given the quality of the toy – worth holding on to for storage until you have a separate bag for it.


The Cush O2:

The Cush is made from dual density silicone which basically means that there are two different densities of silicone that make up the dildo. First is the firmer silicone that makes up the core and the second is the softer silicone that surrounds it and it is the blending of these two that give the Cush its realistic feel. A lot of toys spout on about feeling like the real thing and most fail miserably but the Cush really does feel like an erect cock and I should know – I’ve handled my own for years.

Another area where I think Tantus has done really well is the look of the dildo – its gorgeous. I was sent the Twilight version which has a purple core which when mixed with the white silicone shell looks amazing. The shape of the Cush is very well thought out as I think it has a very wide appeal in that it is realistically shaped enough to suit those that like a dildo to look like a cock – head, shaft etc. But also not so realistic that people (like myself) who dislike flesh coloured, veiny textured, ultra realistic looking fake cocks.


It’s a pretty big boy at 6.6” long and has a diameter of 1.75” with a 6” circumference around the largest part – the head. Perhaps a little intimidating due to it’s size for those who like their smaller, thinner toys but great for those that like a full feeling and a bit of a stretch. It is perfectly smooth with no real texture other than the addition of the ridge halfway down the shaft and the base is harness compatible for those who like a bit of pegging or girl on girl fun.

The Test:

In testing the Cush the first hurdle that we had to overcome was deciding who was going to get to have it inside them first. I considered a Mortal Kombat-esque death match but felt that was a little extreme and being the gentlemanly Dominant that I am opted to have her use it to masturbate for me.

After lubing it up with some water based lube she didn’t struggle getting it inside though it did leave her feeling nicely full and began following my direction as to how it was used. Starting with slow deep thrusts before building up the pace and increasing the strength of the trusts into herself. The noises she made while using the Cush are highly addictive to listen to I must say! From gentle coo’s during slow play to outright shouting obscenities as she felt that centre ridge rub against her g-spot and stimulate the opening to her vagina as she reached climax in record time.


She’s now itching to try this anally but is a little concerned about the size so we may have to work her up to it. I on the other hand (according to her) can fit my head up my arse regularly so wouldn’t have much of an issue. I do have another similarly sized dildo that I use on occasion during solo play – slightly smaller but was confident I could handle the Cush.

Using it I had opted for a slow warm up with a smaller prostate toy and once suitably relaxed and lubed up I took to sitting on the Cush. The slight taper and give on the head made the slow entry very comfortable and the overall firmness of the dildo made the process of keeping it in place very easy. My other dildo is a floppy bugger and getting it in is a pain in the ass – pun intended.

The satisfying pop when the muscles give way and the head slides in is to die for! Inserting as much as I could slowly I managed to get the ridge in which hovered around the entrance providing a wickedly erotic sensation to go with a very full and slightly stretched feeling. I was never unaware of its presence and furiously sliding up and down the shaft was so smooth it was heavenly. Culminating in a very satisfying deep orgasm that left me numb.

Cleaning the Cush couldn’t be simpler as it is boilable, bleachable and if you’re luck enough to have a dishwasher it can go in there too. I opted for hot water and sex toy cleaner and left to dry while looking forward to using it again.




The Cush O2 stands as the best dildo that we have previously used or currently own, it’s that simple. Not only does it look fantastic but it feels divine to use both vaginally and anally. It does feel very realistic thanks to the dual density silicone and for anyone who likes larger than average toys then the Cush is must have. We have used it several times and will continue to do so. Unfortunately we weren’t able to try it with a harness as we don’t have one that is compatible but I would certainly like to try it out. The only niggle I have with it is that it is a dust magnet which I discovered after cleaning but for a toy of this quality you really should be putting it in its own bag for safekeeping until ready for use.

At $80.06/£53.58 you are paying a hefty sum of money but you are paying for a quality that is above and behind anything I have ever used and I would say it is worth every penny of its pricetag. Highly Recommended.


Well Ain’t This Cush!

There is a lot of hype in more recent years about what we are putting inside ourselves (good question to have!). One thing is sure beyond all else and that is that 100% Ultra  Premium Silicone is the bacon of sex toys once you get a taste of it you want more. So don’t let us hold you up click those cool bubbles below or the plain old text (not going to judge) to get yourself some of the authentic good stuff.

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