Sportsheets Leash & Collar – Review

Disclosure: I was sent the Sportsheets Leash & Collar restraint by Uberkinky as part of their reviewer program.

I am a big fan of Sportsheets and have a number of their products. I have always found them very easy to use and great for beginners so when I was offered the chance to review the Sportsheets Leather Leash & Collar restraint I jumped at the opportunity.  As many of my regular readers/viewers will know I love collars and have gathered a fair amount over the years and have one for just about every occasion so I can be a little bit anal when it comes to how I like them to look and be presented.

The video shows the extent of that analness (I know it’s not a word but it should be!) as I cover what I think of this particular set over the course of six minutes with a fair amount of bad language…believe me I cut a lot of it out but there was still plenty left! So enjoy watching me getting a little wound up over how much branding I think slave collars should have on them!

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