Some time with Whiplr

If you don’t know what Whiplr is it is basically a dating app similar to Tinder and the like but for kinky people to find potential play partners, relationships and make friends. You create a profile, list your kinks and how much you are into them and your leanings ie Dom/me, sub and switch, add a photo and start trying to connect with people.

To be honest I had no idea Whiplr existed as an entity until a few weeks ago when Sexhibition announced them as a sponsor for their event on twitter and I got pretty excited about the idea. The largest place online for kinky people to connect is Fetlife but given the content that can be found on the site there is no chance there will be an app for it. So I thought Whiplr would be a welcome bit of competition to the holder of the online kink community keys. In the end competition breeds innovation and this is never a bad thing.

I’m using a Nexus 5 currently so went to download the app from Google’s Play Store and I was a little discouraged by the 2.6 rating it currently has and the slew of negative reviews on there. App reviews are never a good indication of anything though as for the most part if one thing goes wrong that one time for someone then the whole thing “is crap”. So I installed with no fuss and began creating my profile.

The app itself is pretty easy to navigate and setting up a profile was quick and simple though I did stumble across a few snags. After adding a picture and and writing my profile I got a message from Whiplr. The first told me that my picture had been approved and the second was a warning that they had edited my profile because profanity is not allow which confused me as I didn’t recall actually using any profanity at all. I re read through trying to find what it was I had said but for the life of me couldn’t so I will admit that got my back up.  After this I did my kink survey where you select your kinks and how much you are into them. You can have 15 of these though for some reason the app will only allow me 10 and if I try to edit it I get a message saying I’ve already selected my maximum. Ok, we’re not off to a great start here.


With everything set up as much as I could I had a look at the filtering options and selected what I was looking for and the app returned people by order of nearest to furthest with the exception of one “Elite” profile that was in America but obviously this status puts them at the top of the list. I began sending out messages to people nearest to me, a polite message introducing myself, asking if they would like to chat. Of those initial messages I got no response but I was contacted by a lovely woman who had looked at my profile, checked out the site and was new to the lifestyle and wanted to just talk about it and learn. This has been great, giving advice to her, answering her questions and listening to her grievances about the amount of dick pics she has received or guys just trying to Top her from the get-go because she is listed as submissive. I gave her some tips on spotting “Pseudo Doms” and what to look out for in what they say and she has had a great time since and we still chat often.

I’ve spoken to a few other people on there but in most that comes from them messaging me first which isn’t a surprise really. Most of the women are hounded by dick pics or people trying to get naked selfies from them because you know “oh they’re on a kinky app they must be sluts up for anything right?” or just basically messaging as if they are talking to their own sub and trying to Top them out of the gate and get them to do what they want. So I get why I don’t get many responses as hard as I’ve tried to come across as a genuine guy more interested in talking than a picture of their asshole. So yeah…dickwads? stop making my life difficult by being twats ok, cool?

One problem I came across was at one point the app wouldn’t let me send a new message at all, every time I attempted it would crash though ongoing chats worked fine. All credit to Whiplr here as they have an inbuilt contact form for sending error reports which I did. As I’ve worked in technical support before I have a good idea on how to troubleshoot a problem and found cleaning the app’s cache didn’t work but clearing the app data in the phone settings actually fixed the problem. I sent a second message stating what I had found and got a thank you which was cool.

Around this time the American sub that I had been helping said that I should apply for Elite status – something I didn’t know I could do but she encouraged it after all the help I had given her, I’m still waiting to hear back about this. She put my name forward as well and got a curt response saying that they “were dealing with my problem” it’s not a problem, it’s a request.

The app does use a ridiculous amount of battery power and it will suck your phone dry if you let it but I can deal with this. The one thing that I can’t deal with though is that the app for whatever reason doesn’t make use of my phones autocorrect. Now I know that autocorrect is the ruiner of lives but I never noticed how much I actually use it until I started using Whiplr and because the interface can be a bit clunky and unresponsive at times; making corrections to errors a bitch!


Whiplr offers a subscription package called the Dekadom which will cost you about £15 per month or 7.50 per month if you pay for an annual subscription and this gives you a few perks. Mainly unlimited voice and video chat and the ability to start as many conversations as you like in a day as well as more search filters and a few other little bits. Personally I don’t think this is a bad price for an all in one kink app but I don’t think those features are enough to convince me to pay for it because for the most part I wouldn’t utilise them.

I know the tone of this seems overly negative but it’s not meant to be. I actually think Whiplr is a good app and something that the kink community could really do with but it does have its bugs and its problems that do need to be addressed. Other than what I have pointed out and the odd crash it works fine and it looks pretty cool too, I like the style of everything, the layout and colour choices employed.

I’ve had some messages off some cool people who were interesting to talk to, get to know a bit and help answer questions that newbies have had. I’ve even had 2 women throw themselves at my feet demanding that I punished them severely for being naughty girl who were promptly told to stand up and just damn well introduce themselves as a person! As well as some messages from some bored housewives who’s partner isn’t into kinky stuff and they want to play – my kingdom for a single sub that doesn’t want to cheat on their partner!

All in all you should check it out at the very least as another avenue for finding your kinky counterpart. I’m certain that given time for the kinks (heh heh) to be worked through the app will an awesome addition for the kink community to use.

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