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Disclosure: The Silver Butt Plug was provided to me free of charge by Spanking during my recent trip to Sexhibition.

The Packaging:

The Silver Butt Plug came packaged in a clear plastic packet with a silver lining at it’s back that you had to tear to open. It gave plenty of visibility to the product but once open was pretty much of no use so straight in the bin. The site states that each comes in a velour drawstring bag and I will confirm that with Spanking as I can understand them not doing so at a consumer show.  Fortunately I had a spare velvet-like pouch that was the perfect size for it.

The Silver Butt Plug:

The silver butt plug is made from surgical grade stainless steel and has a sparkling jewel at its base that comes in five different colours – diamond, water blue, pink, baby purple and orange which looks amazing. I have the large one here which has a 3.7” length from base to tip, a 4.9” girth at the widest point and weighs in at a hefty 320 grams.

The steel is completely smooth and polished and just screams high quality design and build. It has a lovely tapered tip for easy insertion and a thin stem leading to the base for your sphincter to almost completely close around. Silver Butt Plug (Large) Review by Just_indecerous - Bottom Closeup Silver Butt Plug (Large) Review by Just_indecerous - Size Comparison

In Use:

After taking it out of it’s packaging the first thing I noticed was just how heavy this plug actually is, it has an awesome weight to it and feels cold and smooth to the touch. The jewel looks very pretty and sparkles beautifully in the light. Looking it over it’s easy to appreciate the craftsmanship that has gone into this butt plug as there isn’t a single blemish on it at all.

Using this on myself I applied a generous amount of water based lube and lay down on the bed before beginning to slowly insert. I perhaps should have warmed it up a little first as the weather is getting colder and the steel was freezing! With a little bit of work I slid the plug all the way in and that final part as my sphincter passed the widest point to envelope the stem was amazing. Silver Butt Plug (Large) Review by Just_indecerous - Top

This is Spankings large version but I would personally call this a medium in size really as while it does give a sense of fullness I have larger, more filling plugs than this. That said I could still very much feel it in there and when I stood could feel the weight and the effects of gravity which was delicious. I kept it in for perhaps an hour while doing some writing and though I was initially concerned about the base being uncomfortable when sitting I found that it wasn’t obstructive at all and worked perfectly fine.

Removing it is not quite as simple as putting it in as there is not as gradual a taper and find the widest point sooner and I found that you have to angle it slightly in order to get a smooth transition out.

Cleaning afterwards was very simple as it is stainless steel, so place in boiling water to sterilize and just for good measure a clean with some antibac soap and sex toy cleaner. I offered the chance for a play partner to try it out as she has always wanted a jeweled butt (who doesn’t?) but I had a play with the temperature, leaving it in warm water for a while to warm it up before use. After applying some lube I inserted it into her more than ready ass and watched as she closed up around it and gave a cheeky wiggle. She wanted to know what it looked like so took a picture for her to see and the smile on her face was that of pure delight.



I’ve always said that every woman (or guy) deserves a jeweled butt plug and having used this one I am happy to say that it has only reaffirmed what I already believed. I do think that calling this large is incorrect as it is more of a medium but as Spanking offers only two sizes (small & large) it is correct from a marketing standpoint. Experienced players who want a more “full” feeling though may be left wanting. However, for intermediate players or beginners looking to move up in size will find this more than enough.

The butt plug itself is beautifully crafted and it really does look amazing, it feels fantastic to the touch and also when worn. I particularly like the weight of it as it adds an additional dimension to the feeling of wearing it. The steel as well is also great for being easy to clean and sterilize as well as opening opportunities for temperature play either by yourself or with a partner.

At £24.95 I think it is very well priced, I’d go so far as to say it’s almost a steal when compared to the price of the small version and it’s cost. If you want to try a steel butt plug & want to show the jewel your ass is then I can’t recommend this plug enough.


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