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Shiny Wrist Shackles from Review by Just_Indecerous
Shiny Wrist Shackles from Review by Just_Indecerous Get your own from:

Disclosure: These Shiny Wrist Shackles were provided to me free of charge by Spanking during my recent trip to Sexhibition.


The Shiny Wrist Shackles came packaged in a sealable clear plastic bag with the key contained in a separate, similar bag within. This is in turn kept within a velour drawstring pouch which though not my colour of choice is very presentable so you can dispose of the plastic bags and keep everything in it.


The Wrist Shackles:

The wrist shackles are made from stainless steel and the pair that I have here have an internal diameter of 2.3”, are 0.7” wide and weigh approx 125 grams each. I saw other sizes available at the Spanking stand at Sexhibition but unfortunately at time of writing this the Spanking site doesn’t list the other sizes.


The shackles feature a magnetic lock meaning that once your willing victim is locked in there is no easy way for them to remove them by themselves. The other feature of these particular shackles is that they each have removable O-rings meaning that they are great for restraining your partner to things. But can also be worn as an accessory like a bangle with the O-rings removed and no-one would know the difference.


In use:

If you have read my site for any period of time you will know by now that I love steel as a material when it comes to my collars and restraints. There’s just something about the cool, hardness of steel that screams “for life” to me and I can never get enough of it and the fact that these wrist shackles are magnetically locked give them a very smooth, clean look. No buckles or padlocks flopping around.

The magnetic lock works via a tiny magnet inserted into an indent on the shackle next to a small hole that goes all the way through its width. You have a small L-shaped pin that slides into the hole with the top of the L being pulled to the magnet to hold it in place. If that didn’t make any sense I have pictures that show you what I mean. Unlocking it is very simple; using the key (which is another of the L-shaped pins) you push into the hole on the opposite side of the magnet to push the pin out


Although this makes them secure and difficult for the person to remove themselves it isn’t impossible. Any object think enough (such as a paperclip) can be used to release the pin from the magnet which is actually a good thing in my opinion because the supplied “key” is very small and no doubt easily lost! It can be a fiddly process but I found it to be manageable



I tend to use steel collars and shackles more for decoration with submissive’s as opposed to actually binding them to things and in that role they are amazing to just look at and work really well, they really give me that “slave” vibe that I look for. However for the purpose of testing I used them with a play partner for binding and found the O-rings a great size for attaching rope and chains to. Said play partner never complained about them, rubbing, scratching or becoming uncomfortable at any point which I think is helped by the rounded off edges though I did find that where the O-rings are split does leave a jagged edge which snagged at the rope.

Giving them to a friend to wear at a works do as bangles worked a treat as well. The O-rings unscrewed easily leaving a small but barely noticeable hole which I kept hold of as she is really good at losing things! She wore them as part of her outfit for the evening and I’m told was complimented on them several times so there you go – submission is the new fashion trend.



Everyone has their own preference for the types of restraints they like to use or have used on them. As I have said, steel restraints for me are more about decoration than they are about practical use. However in practice these wrist shackles work very well, they are comfortable to wear, don’t dig in too much when pulled or tugged on and looks great in the process.

The magnetic lock is a great idea that helps the shackles look like one permanently attached piece but you will have to be careful to not lose either of the pins as this will render the shackles useless. I love the removable O-rings as it gives these shackles dual purpose based on the effect you want to achieve.

At £29.95 I think these are fairly priced for the quality you are getting with the wrist shackles and if you are into steel restraints you should certainly consider picking up a pair.


Like steel? Like shackles? like magnets?
Lock your sub up in style by picking these up here


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