Rubber CP Ruler Strap – Review

Disclosure: I was sent the Rubber CP Ruler Strap by for free in exchange for an honest review.

Packaging & Delivery:

This is third of the four items contained in the package that Norman from recently sent me. The package arrived promptly within 48 hours and was again a cut up section of a cardboard box, folded and covered in a black plastic wrap and plenty of tape to keep the items tightly secured.

The Rubber CP Ruler Strap:

After removing the other items from the package I found this monster hiding at the bottom and much like a child not wanting to lift the duvet for fear of the boogeyman I didn’t want to pick it up. Just looking at it made me wince…and I’m not the one that would be struck by it!


After a few moments I could swear it was daring me to remove it from the packaging (no need to call the men in white I’m fine!) and eventually I did noticing first and foremost how fucking heavy it is! 200 grams may not sound a whole lot but given that Impact Force = something something darkside it’s science that the heavier the object the harder the impact.

The Strap is made from 1cm (0.4 inch) thick rubber, it’s 43cm (17 inch) long and 2.5cm (1 inch) wide, very flexible but durable. The tip has been rounded and all of the edges have been bevelled which shows attention and care for the quality of the product.

The handle is a slightly thinner piece of the same rubber folded over and held in place with two screws and again the tip has been shaped with the edges bevelled. At the bottom there is a nickel plated D-ring which is for hanging the Strap when finished but I feel also rounds off the overall look which is simple…but menacing.

The Test:

Holding the Strap is really comfortable with the additional rubber for the handle being the perfect size for my hand and provides a fantastic grip. Just using a flick of the wrist brought it across my thigh and “OUCH THAT STINGS!” was my first thought. The weight and flexibility of the rubber doing most of the work to connect hard leaving a similar sensation to what you would get with a bare hand spanking with a fraction of the effort.


Happy with how it behaves I decided that such a simple implement didn’t require much ceremony in its test and opted for a simple command of “go lay on the bed and pull your pants down”. Using the same flick of the wrist I did when I tested on myself the strap came down effortlessly with a resounding “smack” across her bare arse which was followed by a sharp intake of breath. While giving her time to process the pain her cheek was already reddening and after a few more of the same both cheeks were warm and a beautiful shade of pink.

With it being so flexible I found that it was very easy to develop a rhythm of consecutive strokes as the strap just wants to bounce back and forth and doing so quickly brought delicious tears to her eyes as her rear became a deeper shape of red.



To end I tried single strokes again but alternating between pulling the strap away to give more of a sting and letting it stay after it hit to provide more of a deep thud which given its weight it was more than happy to provide.

Putting the strap to the side and massaging her bum for being such a good girl it felt as though it was on fire! She looked as though she had been through a delightful torture and yet I felt as though I had barely lifted a muscle.


I’ll be honest there’s not a whole lot that scares me. Going deaf does and giant spiders do and by giant I mean huge monstrous things that are in every fantasy novel ever written. Now I have the Rubber CP Ruler Strap to add to that list and for good reason – without proper care and use it could do some serious damage. It is in no way a beginners toy and should be used by experienced players only.


It would be easy to think that this is just a slab of rubber but that would be doing a huge disservice to the thought and care that has gone into its construction. The bevelled edges, the rounded tips, the perfectly sized handle and the addition of the D-ring for storage show that even something so simple can have a fantastic quality feel with the right attention to detail.

You don’t have to wield it like a maniac to make it sting as the weight does that for you. I used this with little effort on my part, keeping it light and her rear was as red as if I’d spanked none stop for 20 minutes. As I’ve said before she isn’t a masochist and I only used a small amount of what this Strap is capable of delivering to the right behind.

The only negative that must be mentioned is that you are handling rubber and as such it does rub on your hands leaving smudges so you may want to consider gloves if that bothers you.

For me the fact that this is handmade in the UK is a big plus as I love to see british manufacturers creating awesome stuff and at £14.95 I think you are getting a great product for your money and you partners willing behind!


Back In Heavy Black!

Advanced and Intermediate BDSM players rejoice! This is the tool for you whether you want to inflict pain or receive it. For role playing forget those plastic rulers in your drawer and try this bad boy instead. Click that sore hand below to be taken swiftly there if you fancy it?

205850_173328089469233_80905538_nRubber CP Ruler Strap –


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