Rosebud Urethral Sounds Kit – Review

Disclosure: The Rosebud Urethral Sounds Kit was kindly supplied to me for review by Uberkinky.

When I first signed up to Uberkinky’s reviewer programme Mistress Vikki asked what kind of items I would like to review and Urethral Sounds was a resounding no from me at the time. The idea of putting anything down my peehole just wasn’t all that appealing to be honest. Fast forward a few months to ETO show and we were having a conversation with the guys from Estim about sounds and she asked me again. I’m not sure sure if I was just at a point where I was ready to try it or Mistress Vikki’s imposing Domme stance was enough to convince me (she’s lovely really).

A week or so after that conversation this Rosebud Urethral Sounds kit arrives at my door and upon opening it my dick threatens to pack up my balls and leave. Needless to say I managed to hold on to them and in the process grow them a little in order to use them with the help of Uberkinky’s Beginner’s Guide to Penis Plugs & Sounds. In the review video above I cover my impressions of the kit, what I think is good and a few problems that I uncovered with it. I talk about how they were to use and what it felt like to use and what my overall thoughts are.

If you haven’t tried Urethral Sounding before but are curious then this video is for you as I came into this as a complete newbie with no experience whatsoever and in the video I talk about that experience. If it’s not something that interests you currently then perhaps my experience will tweak your curiosity to give it a go.
Enjoy the Video.





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