Review | Uberkinky Heavy Handled Silicone Core Whip

Uberkinky Heavy Handled Whip Review by Just_Indecerous
Uberkinky Heavy Handled Whip Review by Just_Indecerous

Disclosure: The Uberkinky Heavy handled Silicone Core Whip was sent to me for free for this review by Uberkinky and I would like to thank them for the opportunity to put it through its paces.


The Uberkinky Heavy Handled Silicone Core whip arrived in a discreet brown box with no identifiers as to where it came from. The whip itself was within a clear plastic bag that once removed has no practical use.

The Uberkinky Heavy Handled Silicone Core Whip:

The whip is of a standard single tail design which features a flexible but strong silicone core that has been wrapped in a combination of black and red leather with a solid knob at the end for those who prefer a more “thuddy” sensation. It has an overall length of 94cm (37 inches) which makes is great for close quarters play and for those that don’t have a lot of room. The grip is 11cm (4.3 inches) which is going to be comfortable for even the largest hands and below that there is a wrist loop that is large and spacious.

Uberkinky Heavy Handled Whip Review by Just_Indecerous

In Use:

I’ll be honest, when it comes to marking the shit out of my s-types my implement of choice has always been the cane and over time I have become quite proficient with it. Not only that but the cane to me always conjures up an image of authority, something I personally hate directed at me but LOVE directing at others. A whip on the other hand has always conjured an image of impending punishment, well that and Indiana Jones being a badass.

Alas, I’m nowhere near as proficient with a whip as I am a cane but this Heavy Handled Silicone Core Whip actually makes it quite easy for novice wielders. The reason for this is that the silicone core of the whip has a bit of weight to it and isn’t overly flexible meaning that it only wants to travel straight, particularly if you are striking over arm. The shorter length of the whip also makes it easier to handle, it’s less unruly and there is far less margin for error in striking true.

Uberkinky Heavy Handled Whip Review by Just_Indecerous

And you are going to want to strike true with this whip, I mean you will want to with any whip but given how hard the knot is at the end of this whip, you really don’t want to be whacking your play partner in the face! That knot at the end though! Ohhhhh can it bring out some lovely sounds from the recipient, especially if they like thuddy impacts which this whip delivers in spades. It has an interesting sensation in that the initial impact is a very deep thud that just goes through you but then afterwards there is a wave of sting to it.

If you are a fan of the sound of a whip cracking you are not really going to get that here but that is to be expected as it’s not designed that way. But as I said, I’m sure the noises your play partner makes will be an acceptable replacement. I found it very easy to hold, the grip never felt as though it was going to slip and the wrist loop was a good size that didn’t obstruct any wrist motion when flicking underarm.

I love the overall look of the Heavy Handled Silicone Core whip and particularly that it isn’t red and black throughout which would be off putting for me from an aesthetic point of view. Just having the contrasting colours on the handle and the not while leaving the centre entirely black works really well for me. The construction looks top notch and after repeated use I haven’t found any of the leather coming away.

Uberkinky Heavy Handled Whip Review by Just_Indecerous


I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with the Uberkinky Heavy Handled Silicone Core Whip, almost as much as the ladies in my life have. Of all the BDSM whips that I currently own this has fast become my favourite to use and I’ll be honest, that is mainly because it is so damn easy to use effectively and makes me look a hell of a lot better than I actually am and it leaves some very deep bruises. That said, it has become a firm favourite of one of my subs for the deep thuddy sensation followed by a sting that isn’t to sharp.

It looks the part and it makes you feel the part, I have absolutely no complaints, none at all and I hate that I don’t. So if you have a spare £59.99 and a liking for hitting people with whips then you can’t go wrong with a one that I have nothing bad to say about.

If you would like to pick on up, you can do so here.


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