Review | UberKinky Five Piece Purple Locking Restraints Set

UberKinky 5 Piece Restraint Set Purple
UberKinky 5 Piece Restraint Set Purple

Disclosure: I was sent the Uberkinky Five Piece Purple Locking Restraints Set for this review free of charge by Uberkinky and I would like to thank them for the opportunity to put them through their paces.


The package from Uberkinky was a Jiffy bag with no branding or markings that would identify where it came from for those of you who are concerned about things being discreet. The restraints themselves are within a sealed plastic bag to keep them clean but once open has no practical use.

UberKinky 5 Piece Restraint Set Purple - Packaging

The Uberkinky Five Piece Purple Locking Restraints Set:

The set consists of a pair of ankle restraints, a pair of wrist restraints and a collar that are all made from a soft, high quality leather. The set that I have here is a beautiful dark purple and black combination with purple stitching that just looks awesome. The inner lining of each of the restraints in the set is padded for extra comfort when wearing for prolonged period of time.

The ankle restraints each feature two D-rings, the wrist restraints have one and the collar has three giving you a lot of options for your bondage and each restraint has a buckle fasten with a loop allowing you to also use a padlock if you wish (these are not included). The metal for the buckles and the D-rings are not nickel free however none of the pieces come into contact with the skin when just worn. This will be something to consider if you have a sensitivity to nickel.

The collar is 2.1” wide and the inner circumference is adjustable from 11.4” – 15.1”. Both the ankle and wrist restraints are 2.6” wide with the ankle restraints being adjustable from 8” – 11.6” and the wrist restraints having an inner circumference of 5.7” – 9.2”.

UberKinky 5 Piece Restraint Set Purple

In Use:

When it comes to restraints I can be a little bit anal about them and one of the most important things for me is that as a Dominant is I want them to look awesome on the sub I am playing with. I’ve always had a soft spot for seeing a lady in leather anyway but this whole set does just look awesome when worn. I love the dark purple which is beautifully highlighted by the black, which in turn is highlighted again with the silver sheen of the metal, it all just works so wonderfully together.

In terms of how they feel when worn they are extremely comfortable. The soft padded lining really cushions against your skin and even after hours of wear still feels very nice. Though as these are leather they do warm up after a short time, particularly if you like to have your restraints pretty tight. So if you aren’t a big fan of sweating in your bondage gear then I would recommend having them a little looser in order to let your skin breath.

UberKinky 5 Piece Restraint Set Purple - Back Side

There is a lot of room for adjustment and plenty of notches to get the right fit for yourself and these should accommodate the vast majority of people. Each of the D-rings on the pieces feel very secure and I have pulled and tugged at them to varying degrees and never felt as though anything was going to come loose. The width of each of the items also giving a good dispersal across the area, particularly if you like to drag your slave around with you.

There is a lot of options for your bondage pleasure with the abundance of D-Rings across the entire set and seeing that the ankle cuffs have two as opposed to the usual one is great from my perspective as it allows the cuffs to be bound together while at the same time using some rope to bind them further to some furniture. Personally, I like my collars to have just the one ring but that is an aesthetic choice but I can see the functionality options of the three that you get with this one.

If like me you like to have your play partners locked up for long periods of time and give them that sense that there is no escape then you are going to love the option of being able to use padlocks with each part of this set. It is a shame that none are included however as I think a set of five small, black padlocks would have rounded the set off nicely. There are however, padlocks that you can buy separately from the site.

UberKinky 5 Piece Restraint Set Purple - Padlock Loop


If you are looking for a full set of matching restraints to add to your collection then I would highly recommend that you consider this five piece set from Uberkinky. Not only do they look fucking amazing but they are well built and extremely comfortable with a lot more options for how you use them than you will find with a lot of sets that are out there.

My only real negative that I have with the set which is going to bother some people but not others is that the metal is not nickel free and while none of the metal parts have to touch the skin it is something that is going to turn some people off. At £79.99 it is one hell of a matching set that I think is well worth the money, I would love to know how much more it would cost with that slight issue removed. I would probably pay it!

If you would like your own set you can get them from here.

UberKinky 5 Piece Restraint Set Purple - Wrist Cuff


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