Review | Titus Silicone Series Ribbed Anal Plug

Titus Silicone Series Buttplug Review by Just_Indecerous
Titus Silicone Series Buttplug Review by Just_Indecerous

Disclosure: I was sent the Titus Ribbed Anal Plug for this review for free by CloneZoneUK and would like to thank them for the opportunity to put it through its paces.

The Packaging:

The Titus Ribbed Anal Plug comes packaged in a clear plastic casing which is both simple and neat, with a black and red card insert with a clear view of the product at the front with it’s major features clearly listed. The back of the card has in VERY small print all the rest of the disclosures, including my favourite warning of all time – that it’s “not intended for therapeutic use”. The case can be opened and closed without tearing so can be used to store the plug in future if you wish.

Titus Silicone Series Buttplug Review by Just_Indecerous

The Titus Ribbed Anal Plug:

The Titus Ribbed Anal Plug is part of their expanding “Silicone Series” and is made from 100% medical grade silicone and is phthalate free, so completely body safe. It comes in three different sizes, the small is 5” at it’s widest point with an insertable length 3.2”. The medium is 5.8” at its widest, has an insertable length of 4.1” and the large is 6.6” at its widest point with an insertable length of 5”.

They are only available in black, can be bought separately or all three together as an anal training kit. Each size features a taper and three protruding ribs on the shaft for additional stimulation and a large t-bar base to prevent any unwanted travel.

Titus Silicone Series Buttplug Review by Just_Indecerous

In Use:

Regular readers of my reviews will know that I rate the Titus Silicone Series very highly, with the anal beads and standard butt plug still featuring regularly in my play. No small task considering how much stuff I am given and that never sees any use after the review period – even if it was good.

Having taken each of the plugs out of their packaging I inspected them for any flaws and couldn’t find any. Each had that same luxuriously smooth feel that I am accustomed to and I was impressed with the range of sizes. The small didn’t feel too small, the medium looked filling and the large…well the large looked like a stretch.

It didn’t take too long before I was upstairs ready to put them to the test. With a generous amount of water based lube on the small plug and a little on my arsehole I set about getting it in there. Which to be fair, was so easy I had to take it out and push it back in multiple times just to make sure it was that easy – that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Titus Silicone Series Buttplug Review by Just_Indecerous

The ribs at the bottom of the shaft do add a nice bit of additional stimulation caught me by surprise as I had completely forgotten that they were there while enjoying that smooth glide that the plug provides. While in though those ribs do continue to stimulate and tickle nicely on your sphincter during the natural movement of the plug.

In terms of how it compares to the standard Titus silicone series buttplug they do feel very different. Each of these is larger than the one I currently have and that is a welcome thing. The taper, though evident is not as gradual which for me personally is fine as I like the feeling of being stretched open as much, if not more than being filled.

While the small does provide both a nice stretch and that filled feeling I think my favourite out of the three has to go to the medium sized ribbed anal plug – it is just perfect for me. It provides a really nice stretch and fills you up nicely. I have happily had that in for hours at a time while just wandering around the house and doing work. On that note, I’m happy to see that they have continued to use the contoured t-bar bases that they use on the standard plugs as these remain really comfortable and don’t cause obstruction or irritation while sat or walking.

Titus Silicone Series Buttplug Review by Just_Indecerous

When walking around with them in is when the ribs on the shaft of these plugs really shine through, always reminding you that they are there whenever they move a little. I personally love this as while I love the feeling of being filled I find that I forget they are there after a time and this sends a nice little shock through your body to remind you. Also, can trigger a hardon in awkward situations such as being at the shop.

As for the large, well that is certainly a beast and more than I would generally want to go up my ass but I gave it a go regardless and can say that it is extremely filling, particularly if you are not used to something of that size. All of what I have said about the other two remains true though but for me it is just a little too much.

In terms of cleaning it is very simple as some antibacterial soap and sex toy cleaner will do the job before leaving to air dry. As it is 100% silicone it can also be put in a pan of boiling water if you are so inclined to do so.

Titus Silicone Series Buttplug Review by Just_Indecerous


As I said earlier, I have yet to be a sent an item from the Titus Silicone Series that I haven’t liked and I’m happy to say that these ribbed anal plugs have not broken that current winning streak. I would go so far as to say that these are even better than the standard Titus plugs that I have reviewed in the past. This is mainly because I like the additional size and more bulbous feel of them, along with the ribs. But also because outside of these things Titus haven’t changed anything else and kept with a winning formula in their design.

The Small ribbed anal plug will cost you £14.99, the medium is £16.99 which is the one that I would personally recommend are getting. However if you are thinking of end for regular anal players and the large comes in at £19.99. All of these are fair prices for the quality of product that just getting the small & medium or the medium and the large I would recommend getting all three as part of the anal training kit. At 39.99 for all three it is better value for money than buying two or three at their individual prices. Highly recommended.

If you would like to purchase your own you can get one here.

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