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Disclosure: I was sent the Titus Silicone Series: Butt Plug for free for this review by Clone Zone and would like to thank them for allowing me the opportunity to put it through its paces.


The Titus Silicone Series: Butt Plug comes packaged in a simple clear plastic base that gives a very good view of the product. It is for all intents and purposes unremarkable but it did give me a little chuckle due to the information on the back of the sleeve. According to the notes on the back; this toy is “not intended for therapeutic purposes and is recommended for external use only”.  Slight oversight in manufacturing or have I been using butt plugs wrong for years? Also I want to meet the shrink that recommends butt plugs or uses them in therapy sessions because that would be hot!

Chuckles aside it’s a decent enough package that isn’t offensive, very compact, it opens and closes with ease and should you want to use it as storage for your plug it’s not going to take up much space and will keep the plug clean.

Titus Buttplug Review by Just_Indecerous

The Butt Plug:

The Titus Silicone Series: Butt Plug is as you would expect from the name is a 100% silicone plug that is phthalate free and completely body safe. It comes in three sizes: Beginner’s Small, Medium and Large and it was the medium that Clone Zone sent me for review. By my measurements it is 4.1” in total length, of which 3.4” is insertable with a 4.1” girth at it’s widest point. There is a tapered tip for easy insertion and a gradual stretch that leads to the flared, T-bar base to prevent unwanted travel. The base also features two small contours at either side for a better fit between the cheeks.

It is a very unintimidating plug that has has a velvety smooth surface and though there is a visible seam running down the length of one side it has been smoothed off and doesn’t detract from the overall feel. It is quite a firm toy but it does have some give and flexibility and is just perfectly put together with no defects.

Titus Buttplug Review by Just_Indecerous

In Use:

After I took this plug out of its packaging I must have spent at least 20 minutes just running my fingers over it and rolling it around in my hands. It just feels so silky smooth I couldn’t help but want to touch it, the texture just does things to my nether regions! Eventually I made my way up to the bedroom and quickly lubed both myself and the plug with some water based which I recommend with any silicone toy.

I have toiled trying to find the right word for what this plug felt like as I slid it in and the best I can come up with it “luxurious”. The taper gives a nice, gradual stretch leading up to its maximum girth but it’s just how soft and smooth it felt as it did so. Most times I want to put a plug in and then get on with either wanking or going about my daily business but with this one I toyed with it for ages just so I could enjoy that silky, gliding sensation. When I eventually let my ass swallow it I found it to have a very snug and comfortable fit and those contours on the base certainly helped.

Titus Buttplug Review by Just_Indecerous

I found that it was very comfortable to wear for prolonged period of time either while doing things around the house, walking outside or while sat at my desk writing and it always felt very secure and in place. I wouldn’t say that it provided a very full feeling but then this is the medium sized plug and I am very used to anal play but it was always noticeably there. To be honest I would say this falls on the lower end of the medium scale and would be perfectly fine for beginners to anal fun and plugs in general.

Taking it out is just as blissful as putting it in and it feels amazing! though again…I couldn’t just take it out and had to play with it some more before leaving myself fully empty each time. Cleaning the plug is simple with just some warm water, antibacterial soap and your sex toy cleaner of choice before leaving to air dry.

Titus Buttplug Review by Just_Indecerous


For the last year or so my favourite butt plug for my own personal use has been the Tantus Twist and until now nothing has come close to it. The Titus Silicone Series: Butt Plug sits right there next to it, sharing the throne so to speak. The Twist has texture where the Titus doesn’t but the Titus has the smooth, no thrills feeling that the Twist doesn’t have. That’s the rub here really, the Titus is by all accounts unremarkable, it’s nothing particularly new, it’s not interesting but it’s that well built, great quality simplicity that puts on my go to list to use.

At £10.99 for a medium you should just buy this plug, or one of the other sizes in the range. You should do it now before they realise that they have put the wrong price on the damn thing. I would pay double for a plug that feels this good. Experienced players will love this range and for beginners, this is a hell of a place to start!

If you would like your own you can get one here.

Titus Buttplug Review by Just_Indecerous


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