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Pleasurenana Just_Indecerous Review
Pleasurenana Just_Indecerous Review

Disclosure: I was sent the Pleasurenana for free for this review by IMTOY and would like to thank them for the opportunity to put it through its paces.

In this line of work I can say that I have been asked a fair few bizarre questions but I must admit, “Have you ever fucked yourself with a banana?” is not one of them. I’m no stranger to that particular question in other ways as the company I tend to keep has involved conversations between people talking of their foodstuff fucking experiences. I suppose in some ways that question is quite common in certain circles…but “have you ever stuck your dick into a banana?” – I reckon that one is a little too off the wall for most to contemplate, an apple pie sure, but a banana? Should I ever be asked that question I can now say “Yes, yes I have stuck my dick into a banana, both ends I’ll have you know” and giggle with glee at the shocked and confused expression on their face.

Pleasurenana Just_Indecerous Review


The Pleasurenana comes packaged in a clear plastic case that gives a clear view of the toy that you are purchasing. The card colour matches that of the toy itself which is in keeping with the aesthetic. The back of the packaging is black and contains an impressively laid out set of instructions for use, warnings and for cleaning. It is a package that you are going to have to tear into though so can’t be used for storage and is headed straight for the bin.

The Pleasurenana:

The Pleasureana is the first toy in IMTOY’s forbidden fruits range. It is a masturbator for those of us that wield penises and if the name or pictures didn’t give it away, it is shaped like a banana. The case is banana yellow and is made of ABS plastic which houses the TPE sleeve inside.  Each end of the case can be removed offering two holes for you to stick your junk into, one slightly tighter than the other. The overall size of the toy is 24.5cm x 7.5cm x 11cm and weighs in at approx 400g.

Pleasurenana Just_Indecerous Review

In Use:

This world never ceases to amaze and intrigue me so while I was confident that there would be a fetish that involved food, I didn’t know what the name of it was. A quick google search later and I found the word “Sitophilia”, so there you go, you’ve learned something at the expense of my suspect search history.

I am by no means a Sitophiliac, in fact quite the opposite. I’m very much a “food is supposed to be eaten at my dining table & there sure as hell won’t be crumbs in my bed!” kind of person. Much to previous girlfriends’ upset, I may add. So I have no problem admitting that sitting on my bed and holding the Pleasurenana did nothing in the way of encouraging a sexual reaction out of me.

A dirty story or so later though and I was good to go and I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised. The TPE sleeve was very soft to the touch and felt lifelike and with a bit of lube on myself and applied to the orifice I slid right in and it felt great. The inner texture of the sleeve starts with a few protruding bumps that is followed by some raised ribs which provided a pleasurable sensation very quickly. As you progress through the vaginal end of the sleeve it becomes tighter as it merges into the anal end.

Pleasurenana Just_Indecerous Review

Penetrating through the anal end of the toy is far more snug and you can really feel those bumps and ridges, however it is not so snug that you are having to fight to get your cock in there. The plastic casing provides a good grip when fucking yourself blind and while the whole toy is pretty weighty it is far lighter than every fleshlight that I have ever used. Meaning that after 10 minutes of furiously taking my 1 of 5 per day I didn’t feel the need to get an ice pack for my wrist.

Not only does the Pleasurenana give you two orifices to pleasure your member with but you can also vary that by leaving the cap on the end you’re not using and placing a thumb over a small hole that will allow you to create suction within. I found this to work quite well, though it’s not something I’m particularly bothered about.  If you want to use it in the shower or bath you can do as it is waterproof and if you happen to be in a relationship or play with another sword wielding person you could both enjoy this toy at the same time.

In terms of cleaning I found it to be very easy. The sleeve is completely removable and can be cleaned with a mild soap and warm water as can the case before leaving to dry. Once dry if you want to return the sleeve to that smooth, supple feeling you can coat it in a layer of cornstarch. Given that it can be enclosed by its own design is great for storage, just keep it in a dry place and you will be good to go next time.

Pleasurenana Just_Indecerous Review


Regular readers of the blog will know that when it comes to masturbators I am quite nonchalant about them. For the most part they tend to be indistinguishable from one another in terms of how they feel, unless they have something unique about them – such as ElectraStims Jack socket. The Pleasurenana in that regard isn’t particularly special, it feels much like every other standard sleeve I have used.

That is by no means a bad thing, while it feels the same as most it is using something that works and I’m happy to say that IMTOY’s Pleasurenana does feel really good to use. I find the fact that it is shaped like a banana tickles my sense of humor because of how ridiculous it is and on that basis alone I would keep it.

The strength of this toy over a Fleshlight in my opinion is its versatility, the fact that you have two orifices to choose from depending on your mood, that you can further change those sensations by adding suction should you choose. That it can be be used with another cock if you want to, that if you are into sitophilia that you have a safe way of indulging that. Finally at $31.19 (approx £23) it is significantly cheaper! Recommended.

If you would like to buy your own, you can get it here.


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