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Rocks Off Wildboy Review by Just_Indecerous
Rocks Off Wildboy Review by Just_Indecerous

Disclosure: I was sent the Rocks Off Wild Boy for this review for free by Rocks Off and would like to thank them for the opportunity to put it through its paces.


The Rocks Off Wild Boy comes packaged a black and grey cardboard box with a maze-like pattern throughout which looks pretty cool. There is a large cutaway on the front that gives a very clear view of the product which is housed in a plastic case within. The box contains several pieces of information about the toy and also a small diagram on the side, showing where the P-spot is and where you are aiming for which is a nice touch.

The two pieces of plastic that house the Wild Boy is easily opened without the need to tear and can be closed securely again for those of you that want to keep the packaging for storing the toy. While it is a nice looking package, for me personally it is too bulky for storage and is straight for the bin with the Wild boy being kept in a separate storage bag to to keep it clean.

Rocks Off Wildboy Review by Just_Indecerous

The Rocks Off Wild Boy:

The Rocks Off Wild Boy is a prostate massager made from smooth silicone which features very cool looking contours that give the appearance of the toy twisting. It is quite firm but there is a lot of flex, particularly where the shaft meets the handle/external perineum stimulator. Speaking of which has these little raised bumps to provide extra texture when used. The shaft is insertable up to about 6” and has a girth of 3.2”.

The Wild Boy has a removable, black RO-80mm bullet to provide the vibrations which in my opinion is the best bullet vibrator currently on the market. It has 7 settings, 3 of which are speeds and the other 4 being patterns. For those that like to play in the bath and the shower you will be happy as it is completely waterproof.

Rocks Off Wildboy Review by Just_Indecerous

In Use:

Taking the Wild Boy out of its box it was hard for me not to be impressed by the appearance of this toy. Aesthetically the twisted effect looks awesome and is right up my street and is a welcome spin on a prostate massager which can all look very similar to me. I love how smooth the silicone is and when it comes to inserting this toy it is pure luxury. It’s not particularly girthy so there was no need for a warm up toy and with some water based lube it slid in beautifully. The contours adding a pleasant sensation that really encouraged a lot of twisting and turning as I played with it and my oh my did that feeling make me hard and wanting.

The tip of the toy easily reached the P-spot and with some extra manoeuvring that in all fairness wasn’t required but had to be done just so that I could feel those contours it nestled against it nicely. However this is where I came up with my first issue with the Wild boy. After getting it in place and letting go of the handle I found that the perineum stimulating handle just didn’t rest all that well in place. Now as I’ve said in previous reviews I don’t really get a lot of enjoyment through stimulation of that area but for those that do you may find this somewhat annoying. The reason for this is the amount of flex that the toy has, particularly where the shaft joins the “handle” and this provides too large of an angle in my opinion, meaning that it doesn’t really hug you and put a lot of pressure there.  As I prefer to use these toys on my back, laying on the bed it just felt a little loose to me which is distracting when trying to use this as a hands free toy and I struggled to feel any real vibration.

Rocks Off Wildboy Review by Just_Indecerous


Speaking of which, I love the RO-80mm bullet I really do but it just isn’t sufficient for this toy for me personally, it just isn’t powerful enough. The first setting is the fastest that it has and was the only that I found to be useful and even then, in my preferred method of using the toy found I was really having to hold, and push it in place to get the benefits of the vibration. Since I am well versed in playing with my prostate this was easy for me and the resulting leaking cock in need of some furious tugging ensued as I would expect and was happy with.

Now I know that is all negative sounding but after a number of tests I found where the Wild Boy shines, where those quibbles become moot and I can say “holy shit, that worked better that I expected!”. I inserted the Wild Boy and sat at my desk with it inserted while I just got on with some work and the difference was immense! The added pressure meant that the perineum stimulator was pushed hard against me, the angle of the shaft was closed considerably and the vibrations from the bullet were so so more prominent. Using it this way was an absolute joy and extremely comfortable to wear as well, didn’t matter if I was at the desk working, watching some porn or on the sofa reading some dirty stories, it felt amazing. With my body weight holding it in place my hands were free to do whatever they pleased and they did, time and time again, orgasm after orgasm.

Rocks Off Wildboy Review by Just_Indecerous


Whether you love or hate the Rock Off Wild Boy is going to come down how you like to use your prostate massagers for your anal play. If you like to lay on your back, having it hug you close and providing powerful vibrations while you wank yourself half to death you will be disappointed. However, if you like your partner to use it on you, you will love the feeling of it as they manipulate the toy for you as it teases you with it’s shape and the firm tip presses against your P-Spot.

For me personally I love the way it looks and how those contours feel as I play with it but to get the most out of it find that inserting and sitting on it provides everything what the Wild Boy was designed to achieve. Would I recommend it at its RRP of 49.99?…well you are getting a fully waterproof toy that is completely body safe, made from a great material that is easy to clean after use. That said it really depends on how you intend to use it, having discovered a way that works for me I would happily put down the cash for it.

If you would like your own you can pick one up here

Rocks Off Wildboy Review by Just_Indecerous


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