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RocksOff Ruby Glow Review by Just_Indecerous
RocksOff Ruby Glow Review by Just_Indecerous

Disclosure: I was sent the Rocks-Off Ruby Glow for free for this review by Rocks-Off and would like to thank them for the opportunity to put its through its paces.


The Rocks-Off Ruby Glow comes packaged in a black and grey cardboard box with a flowery/spiral pattern throughout which looks pretty cool. There is a large cutaway on the front that gives a very clear view of the product which is housed in a plastic case within. The box contains several pieces of helpful information about the toy.
The two pieces of plastic that house the Ruby Glow is easily opened without the need to tear and can be closed securely again for those of you that want to keep the packaging for storing the toy. While a very nice looking package it is a little too bulky for me to use as storage and has gone in the bin.

RocksOff Ruby Glow Review by Just_Indecerous

The Rocks-Off Ruby Glow:

The Rocks-Off Ruby Glow is the brainchild of erotic author Tabitha Rayne who wanted to create a hands free vibrating toy that could be used while she was getting all hot and bothered writing her next piece of erotica. It is an external use toy that is designed to be sat upon with the two raised areas stimulating the clitoris, vagina and perineum all at the same time.
It is made from a firm but velvety smooth premium grade silicone and is 6.6” in length, with the clit/public bone stimulator raised to a height of 2.4” and the perineum stimulator raised to a height of 2”. It is a battery operated toy and requires two AAA batteries (included) and they power the two motors, one for each stimulator that are controlled separately by two buttons on the front. Each has 10 settings, allowing for a large number of configurations and the Ruby Glow is splash proof, but not fully waterproof.

RocksOff Ruby Glow Review by Just_Indecerous

In Use:

Obviously the Ruby Glow has not been designed with guys in mind and I wanted to use it primarily as a tool for forced orgasms with play partners. That said I’m a curious fellow and I have a rule of not using anything on anyone without first getting a good idea of how it feels and works, that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it. To be fair, after a bit of repositioning of my dangly bits and sitting a little further forward you can tickle you ass and balls quite nicely. Now of course it isn’t going to work for me given that I don’t have the anatomy that it is for but that does highlight an issue with the Ruby Glow that is not exclusive to it – it isn’t going to fit everyone well. While great efforts have no doubt gone into making the shape as form fitting as possible for most people there are going to be those of you whom this fits really well and those of you who it doesn’t.
This was very much the case for the first play partner I used this with, it took quite a while to position it in a way that was comfortable for her and was reaching the spots I wanted to stimulate properly. Switching the toy on and cycling through settings to find ones I know she likes was easy but she found the vibrations to be lacking in power for her and it wasn’t reaching the right spots in order to get her over. We tried this both on the bed and my leather desk chair and just couldn’t get it to work.

RocksOff Ruby Glow Review by Just_Indecerous

The other play partner that I used this with however was far more successful. I placed the toy on a dining chair and then bound her tightly to the chair with rope before switching the toy on and finding the right settings. The Ruby Glow fit her body and that position perfectly and watching her strain against the constant stimulation and holding from cumming until allowed to was hot enough to boil an egg. Though I will say that if you plan on using this on something like a wooden chair be prepared for the toy to be noisier, a lot noisier! When using on a bed or comfortable cushioned chair a lot of the noise from the two motors is muffled but on a wooden chair…it’s not discreet. This will bother some more than it will others, personally I don’t find it an issue but if you find noises to be off putting or are concerned someone will hear you then it’s worth baring in mind.
Cleaning up after use is simple though do remember that the toy is not fully waterproof and cannot be submerged. Wipe clean with warm water and antibacterial soap, your favourite sex toy cleaner and leave to air dry before putting away for its next use.

RocksOff Ruby Glow Review by Just_Indecerous


I tip my hat to Tabitha Rayne for the idea behind the Ruby Glow and Rocks Off for constructing it. In this industry it is unfortunately not that often when a product comes up that is different from the norm and the Ruby Glow is certainly that. The fact that it is also a very accessible toy for those with limited mobility is a huge bonus in my opinion and really feels as though as many people have been taken into consideration as is possible.

It has clearly been designed to fit the female form and this is where experiences with it will differ. Every body is unique, for some this will fit amazingly well, for some it will be fine and for others it just won’t hit those spots, generally you will fall into one of the first two. In terms of power I think it is pretty fair, not the deepest, rumbliest of vibrations but by no means weak, if you need a Doxy to get you off then the Ruby Glow isn’t going to do much. If you need a bullet, you will be fine.

At £39.99 I’d say it is worth taking the chance on in terms of it fitting your form well. Considering the quality of the materials used, the fact that it has dual, separate functioning motors at this price is awesome. And if like me you are a fan of forced orgasms with your submissive’s then this has great application for that – whether you tie them to a chair that it is resting on or include it as part of a rope harness.

If you would like one yourself you can purchase one here.

RocksOff Ruby Glow Review by Just_Indecerous


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