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Disclosure: I was sent the Rise for free for this review by Rocks-Off and would like to thank them for giving me the opportunity to put it through it’s paces.

Video Transcript:

Hi guys & Gals, Dom/mes & subs, Tops & bottoms, however you identify. Justin here with another review and this time we have the Rise that has been kindly given to me by Rocks-Off so let’s get to it.

Now dedicated vibrators aimed directly at me and my fellow wielders of the dick are in pretty much short supply, this is the latest offering from Rocks-Off. It’s made of body safe silicone and ABS plastic, it’s got 10 settings, it’s USB rechargeable,fully waterproof so for those of you who like to play in the shower this will work perfectly fine for you. And this is pretty much what it looks like.

It’s been ergonomically designed so that it fits really comfortably in your hand, it’s got these little extra grips so that it’s easy to hold on to, the power button’s on the top and in easy reach of your thumb for switching it on, changing the settings and so on. The actual sides of the sleeve are really flexible so it will accommodate pretty much any size dick and not only that but you can squeeze it closed to provide that little bit of extra stimulation as your jacking yourself off. Inside you’ve got these nice protruding ribs which add additional stimulation as well as this deeper nub here at the top which is where the motor is located and rests really nicely at the base of the head of your cock which as we all know – is your sweet spot.

How does it work? Well that should be obvious by the way that I’ve been waving it around but you hold it like this, you lube yourself up, stick your dick in there – off you go. Turn the power on, pick your setting, wank away and enjoy yourself. If you’re not getting any vibrations chances are it needs charged which you can do by plugging your cable into here and into your computer. Charge up for about an hour and a half and you will get about 4 hours worth of play out of it before you need to charge it again.

Alright so that’s what it is, that’s what it does. The main question is, does it get me off? Will it work? And the answer is yes! Yes it does! So well! Very well in fact and that actually surprises me and I’ll tell you why. A lot of the time Rocks-Off like use their bullet vibrator in place of a dedicated motor with the toy and in my experience while the RO-80mm bullet vibrator is a fantastic pinpoint vibrator it rarely produces strong vibrations in whatever toy it’s being used in.

The Rise really doesn’t have that problem as it has a dedicated motor so the vibrations are pretty strong throughout. They’re more powerful up here where this nub is because that is where the actual motor is located and when you are using it that is right on the money spot of your cock head, which is amazing. Now if you add on to that all of these protruding ribs for that extra stimulation across the shaft and the fact that this is very flexible and you can increase or decrease the grip to increase that sensation you are in for explosive orgasms again and again and again and again.

Another thing that I enjoyed about this which really surprised me was that all of the settings were good, I liked all of the settings. Now generally in a vibrating toy I only really want a continuous vibration and the first two settings give you that, it’s sort of medium and fast. The rest of either a pulse type setting or a pattern type setting and generally they irritate the fuck out of me. But on this for some reason they didn’t, they actually felt really good, they felt really powerful and none of them irritated me. None of the actual patterns or the pulses felt as though there was too long of a gap between the next vibration which I think is the reason why I actually enjoyed them and why a lot of ones really do piss me off.

In all honesty the only thing that I don’t like about the Rise is this shitty piece of plastic here. This should have been metal and I think Rocks-Off know this should’ve been metal and the reason why I think that is because they’ve painted it to look like metal. It just lets it down, it really does. For the £80 that this costs I would’ve expected better than a shitty piece of painted plastic.

But that is my only real criticism of the Rise. Everything else about it is awesome, from the way it looks to the way it feels, to the fact that it’s USB rechargeable, to the fact that it is waterproof. It’s great for beginners, it’s great for experienced players and the price is worth it in my opinion…apart from this shitty piece of plastic. Other than that I would say that Rocks-Off have done a solid job with this and they have definitely earned their nomination for best new male product of the year at the ETO awards. You should probably go out and buy this and you should probably wank yourself half to death with it, go and do it.

That’s it, I’m done. Thank you once again to Rocks-Off for sending me the Rise and let me use, abuse and talk about it and thank you for watching and supporting and until next time be good and if you can’t be good, be safe.

If you would like to get your own Rise, you can get one from here.

Rocks-Off Rise Review by Just_Indecerous Rocks-Off Rise Review by Just_Indecerous Rocks-Off Rise Review by Just_Indecerous Rocks-Off Rise Review by Just_Indecerous Rocks-Off Rise Review by Just_Indecerous Rocks-Off Rise Review by Just_Indecerous Rocks-Off Rise Review by Just_Indecerous


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