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Luxurious Bliss Flogger Review by Just_Indecerous
Luxurious Bliss Flogger Review by Just_Indecerous

Disclosure: This purple and black suede flogger was sent to me free for this review by Luxurious Bliss and I would like to thank them for the opportunity to put it through its paces.


The purple and black suede flogger from Luxurious Bliss arrived in a brown cardboard box with no discernible markings as to what was inside, good news for those of you who care about what the postman knows. Within the box the flogger itself was in a sealed, clear plastic wrap and on the flogger itself there is a small card for the company that is easily removed. All very functional but of no real use after opening.

Luxurious Bliss Flogger Review by Just_Indecerous

The Purple and black Suede Flogger:

This beautiful flogger from Luxurious Bliss features 40 suede falls in a mixture of black and purple. Each is almost 20” in length, 0.5” wide and very soft to the touch. It has a sizeable handle with a width of 1.25” and a length of about 8” which is more than enough for most hands. The handle is wrapped in purple and black leather which is then followed by a spacious wrist loop.

Luxurious Bliss Flogger Review by Just_Indecerous

In Use:

As I had never heard of Luxurious Bliss as a shop I will be honest that I didn’t have particularly high hopes for the quality of this flogger but I will admit that I was pleasantly surprised by it. It felt really comfortable in my hand, the handle being a perfect size with plenty of grip and the wrist loop leaving adequate space to not obstruct any wrist motion. It is surprisingly well balanced and while not overly heavy it does have some weight to it and wielding it doesn’t become tiresome or cause any strain. You do get a nice swooshing sound as it travels through the air as well which in my books is always a plus.

The falls are so soft that they feel amazing just letting them fall and run across the skin which my sub can attest to as she was mercilessly teased with it, across her back, her inner thighs and her tits. Just using the pointed tips of the falls is a great way to create some light tickling as well which I highly recommend doing to mix up the sensations.

Luxurious Bliss Flogger Review by Just_Indecerous

In terms of impact it provides everything from a relatively light feel to a very deep thuddy impact that travels through the body but never really gets to the point of becoming too much in the way of pain. My sub could quite happily lay or stand there while I wailed away on her all day, particularly if striking between the shoulder blades which feels like a very deep massage.

In terms of marks this suede flogger will bring out a very lush looking red on the skin but that will fade within 10 minutes or so, if you want to leave some bruises you can do but it requires a fair amount of effort to achieve. For me this flogger has been great to use to warm her up before moving on to some more severe implements but also as a treat as she enjoys the feel of it so much.

Luxurious Bliss Flogger Review by Just_Indecerous


As I said earlier, I was very surprised by the quality of the purple and black suede flogger that Luxurious Bliss had provided. True, it’s not up the standard of something by Whips By Wolf (my go to flogger creator) but it also is by no means cheap tat that I’ve had the displeasure to have to use. My only criticism of it is that as someone who appreciates the aesthetics of a flogger a lot I find colour difference between the handle and the falls a bit jarring. That’s not going to bother most people but for me it’s something that I notice.

That said though, it’s a very good quality flogger that looks good, feels very comfortable to wield and provides a nice thuddy impact that is very pleasurable. It’s a good size, that isn’t too big and will be suitable for both beginners and more advanced players. I would be quite happy to put down the $40/£31 that this being sold for. It is a well priced find in a sea of overpriced shit to be honest. Recommended.

If you would like your own you can get it from here.


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