Review | Oscuro Leather Bad Boy Collar

Oscuro Bad Boy Collar Review by Just_Indecerous
Oscuro Bad Boy Collar Review by Just_Indecerous

Disclosure: The Oscuro Leather Bad Boy Collar was sent to me free of charge for this review by . I would like to thank them for the opportunity to put it through its paces.

The Packaging:

I was sent a number of things from LLAL recently which arrived in a discreet brown box with no identifying markings that would give away what was contained within. The Oscuro Leather Bad Boy Collar had a little company tag attached to the buckle that was easily removable. That’s all folks!

The Oscuro Leather Bad Boy Collar:

The Oscuro Leather Bad Boy Collar is made from three layers of high quality leather. It is 53cm (27.7”) in total length, 4cm (1.5”) wide and adjustable to fit  37cm (14.5”) to 46cm (18.1”).  The inner layer is soft and padded for comfort while the outer layer has a cutout to reveal the red suede underneath, this is complimented by the contrasting red stitching. It has a buckle fastener for easy adjustment and the range comprises the following word choices: “bad boy”, “bad girl”, “slut” and “love”.

Oscuro Bad Boy Collar Review by Just_Indecerous

In Use:

I’ll be honest here, being the Master of a slave and living the lifestyle 24/7 you aren’t going to see me walking around with a collar on. For this review, each time I did put it on it had to be when she wasn’t around purely for the fact that the idea of me wearing one made her feel sick. But wear it I did because it wouldn’t be a very good review if I didn’t, though it felt very weird to me to have it on it was comfortable.

The padded leather on the inside cushioned the roughness of the outer leather really well and even after a few hours with it on didn’t irritate or scratch. That said, as comfortable as it is to wear it does warm up after some time and can feel a little clammy, particularly if you wear it tight enough to always be aware of it but not to choke. I found it to fit perfectly without the need to add any extra holes for the buckle and while testing it out found that even at its tightest, the remaining leather doesn’t extend so far that it obscures the letters, showing attention to detail in its construction.

Oscuro Bad Boy Collar Review by Just_Indecerous

Speaking of its construction it is of a really good quality. I love the black leather with the contrasting red on both the letters and the stitching, it looks cool to me. The only thing I noticed, and it is very nit picky, but the letters have been hand cut from the leather so there are little cuts on the edges of the letters and lines aren’t perfectly straight. Now from a distance and even pretty up close this isn’t noticeable at all but on close inspection it can be seen, like I said nit picky, but this is coming from the one, who in my sessions is the one inspecting the collar, not wearing it.

From the perspective of that role, would I be happy with my slave, sub etc wearing it? I would happily have them wearing it to a munch for example or around the house for display but it’s not something I would use in a play session. This is purely because there is no D or O ring attached to it which is just a personal preference of mine and no fault in the collars design.

Oscuro Bad Boy Collar Review by Just_Indecerous


Do I think you should buy it? I think you can do a hell of a lot worse than the Oscuro Leather Bad Boy Collar. Ok, the lettering being a little off is me being anal but short of that there’s nothing negative to say about it. It’s going to depend on what you want from your collar, if what you are looking for is something that is of a really good quality, that fits well, looks cool and is comfortable to wear for long periods of time; Then a collar from this range will cost you £29.99. I’d prefer a little bit less in price personally but I’ve seen far far worse quality than this, charge more.

If you would like to buy your own, you can do so here.


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