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Lelo Loki Wave Review by Just_Indecerous
Lelo Loki Wave Review by Just_Indecerous

Disclosure: I was sent the Lelo Loki Wave for free for this review by Lelo and would like to thank them for the opportunity to put it through it’s paces!

The Packaging:

Lelo as a brand is often accompanied by the word “luxury” and as such you would expect the packaging to be top notch and as the box is the same as that of the previously reviewed Loki, I wasn’t disappointed. It comes in the same sturdy black, snakeskin embossed box with a large plastic window displaying the toy. The back contains your standard product information in several different languages.

With the lid removed you will find that the Loki Wave rests ons a raised foam base, keeping it secure. In the little side box you will find the provided usb charging cable and a black satin back to store the toy in after use. Overall Lelo continues with their sleek and sexy packaging that I love but as you are most likely going to use the bag to keep the toy in, feel free to dumb the box.

Lelo Loki Wave Review by Just_Indecerous - Box

The Loki Wave:

The Loki Wave is very similar to its sibling in that it has the same smooth, firm silicone shaft that has 4.5” of insertable length and 4.5” girth at its widest point which is a nice medium sized anal toy. The shaft is curved upwards for better reaching the prostate with a tapered tip for easier insertion. There is a flared base on the underside with the topside extending out into a separate stimulator that reaches the perineum for your external pleasure.

The handle features 5 buttons, the centre to power on/off and the others to control the power and the 10 available adjustable modes. The biggest difference between the Loki Wave and the standard Loki is the addition of the wave function that allows the shaft to perform a “come-hither” motion so that it gently massages your prostate as it vibrates. The base of the handle has the charging port which unlike the Loki isn’t covered but the toy remains fully waterproof and is available in Obsidian Black or Federal Blue.

Lelo Loki Wave Review by Just_Indecerous

In Use:

The Loki Wave took about an hour to charge, an hour that I may or may not have just sat staring at it, willing it to charge faster. When it was ready to be used I quickly unplugged it and instantly started messing around with the buttons to figure out what did what because you know…fuck instructions. There are a plethora of functions, ranging from continuous vibration, pulse (which I don’t like), the wave motion on or off plus many combinations.

Using some water based lube I prepped myself and the toy, lay on my back and began inserting which was just as smooth and easy as the standard Loki. The curve doesn’t naturally hit the prostate and the perineum stimulator rested snugly in place perfectly. When first powered on the Loki Wave starts at a gentle vibration for both the shaft and the stimulator and the wave motion is active. It was a bizarre initial sensation I have to admit as you feel the wave basically clench and unclench but it pushes the tip directly onto my prostate perfectly without the need to manually adjust it. Though I imagine not developed as a hands free toy it manages to fill that role quite successful as the wave motion holds it in place.

Lelo Loki Wave Review by Just_Indecerous - Controls

At low levels I don’t get a whole lot of stimulation for any vivrator so began to crank up the power and was happy to feel that deeper, more rumbly sensation that I enjoy. I found that the perineum stimulator provided a nice consistent sensation but is something I could give or take as I’m not particularly sensitive there. However that added to the slow, rhythmic wave massaging my prostate created an intense tingle in the tip of my cock which is always a good sign in my prostate play, so is leaking precum which began very quickly!

Once again though the toy just doesn’t create enough pressure for a good prostate milking without assistance, at least for me. I have no doubt that given enough time hands free it could tease it out of me but I am not that patient in my solo play. Like the Loki I had to use my hand to push down on the handle to push the tip up more firmly and fuck me this is where the Wave motion shines brightly! Changing the angle slightly has a massive knock on effect to the pressure that the wave creates and unlike the Loki it doesn’t become cumbersome to hold in place as you don’t have to push down as far. I went from a slight tingle to a straining need to cum as the non stop massage continued its work and the ensuing orgasm had me seeing stars for a couple of minutes afterwards!

Lelo Loki Wave Review by Just_Indecerous

Time and time again the Loki Wave has never failed to do it’s job properly, leaving me empty after each use. Cleaning it is simple as it is completely waterproof so all you have to do is just wash it with some warm water, antibacterial soap and your sextoy cleaner of choice before leaving to air dry.

As an aside to my experiences with the Loki Wave I got curious as to how this would perform on a woman as one of the most common problems that I hear with rabbit vibrators is that the ears generally miss their mark. It was one of the big criticisms I had of the Nexus Cadence. Not surprisingly the shape of the Loki Wave worked out very well on both of the women that I have tried it with and the almost hands free use of the toy has opened up a whole list of possibilities of play!

Lelo Loki Wave Review by Just_Indecerous - Size


Though I loved the original Loki I did have a few things I would have liked changed, a bit more girth and a slightly steeper angle for example. The Loki Wave is the same size which is a shame but the angle problem is fixed by the Wave motion, for me at least. The perineum stimulator is a great addition for those that like the area stimulated and it does it’s job very well overall and the orgasms the Loki Wave have given me have been nothing short of awesome!

As far as prostate massagers go this is by far my favourite and between this and its sibling I feel this is the better of the two personally and at £149 is worth paying the extra £30 for everything else it brings to the table. It beautifully crafted, looks amazing in black or blue, makes you cum hard and if prostate stimulation is your thing then you are going to want to try this!

Want one for yourself? Pick it up here!

Lelo Loki Wave Review by Just_Indecerous

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