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Disclosure: I was sent the Pulse III DUO for free by Hot Octopuss for this review and would like to thank them for the opportunity to put it through its paces.


Hi Guys & Gals, Dom/mes & subs, Tops & bottoms, however you identify. Justin here with another review and today we’ve got the Pulse 3 Duo by Hot Octopuss which they kindly sent up to me to put through its paces. So let’s have a look and see what I thought.

The Pulse 3 is the third incarnation of Hot Octopuss’ very successful “Guybrator” or if you want to be politically correct about it “a vibrator for those of us who wield a cock”. It comes in two versions, you’ve got the SOLO version and you have the DUO version which is the one that I have here. The only difference between the two is that the DUO version has a vibrating underside which is independently controlled with this little control here. The idea is that you have your cock in here and your partner can grind against it and they get some vibrations as well and you can both enjoy the toy together.

It’s made from body safe silicone, it’s rechargeable, it has magnetic charging which makes it 100% waterproof. It has six settings, so you have your continuous vibrations, couple of pulses, you have a couple of patterns and each of these can have their speeds increased or decreased with the use of the buttons on the side. The underbelly part for the grinding on is controlled by this little remote as I said and that has three continuous settings are varying degrees of intensity.

How it works is really simple – take your cock, wether it’s hard or soft, place it in here. The wings are really flexible so it’s going to accommodate any size, rest your frenulum against the pulse plate here, switch it on and let it do its thing. Now if you don’t want to be so passive with it get yourself some lube, lube yourself up, put some lube in the toy and use it as you would a stroker and just enjoy the stimulation that it provides. It’s also got a few ribs on the inside as well for people who like using that kind of method. If you want to change it up again you can the little control over to your partner, lie back, switch it on and let them grind against the bottom of it while they enjoy their vibrations as well.

So that’s what it is and that’s how it works but how does it feel? The short answer to that is FUCKING AMAZING! The oscillations on the plate of this damn thing just give a really deep, rumbly vibration that will take me from soft to hard to a beautiful orgasm in no time at all. I absolutely love just putting this thing on, switching it on to its pulse setting and just letting go and it just feels like it is milking me and milking me and milking me. The fact that I’m saying that I like a pulse setting is really weird because finding a pulse setting that I actually enjoy is harder than catching a greased up frikkin Unicorn. This thing is fucking amazing!

And if that weren’t enough, on the occasions when I’m feeling a little bit more “hands on” shall we say – you can get a completely different sensation by adding lube to the toy and using it like a stroker. But it doesn’t feel like a stroker, the vibrations are just so deep and so rumbly that it essentially feels like my cock is being massaged. It’s just YES…all of the YES!

But wait, what about the Pulse 3 DUO as a Duo? Well in that case it was a little bit hit and miss….for them. For me it was a hit every fucking time because them just grinding down on it just increased the pressure of it and then made the vibrations even better for me. But for the two ladies that I used this with…for one it worked and for the other it didn’t. And that is mainly due to the fact that the vibrations on the underside are quite buzzy and quite light. Even the lady that it actually did work for really had to grind down on it to get that kind of sensation that she wanted out of it.

Which also leads me to another point which could be an issue. If you are one of those people that likes to change up the settings as they’re playing to get different sensations, so say you want to start off with a pulse and then move to a continuous vibration as you get closer to your orgasm and you’ve got someone grinding on top of you, resting on top of this. The buttons for this are on the side, if you want to change the settings, the buttons are on the side and if someone’s grinding on top of you you are going to be either asking them politely or not so politely to fucking move because their thighs are in the way. And if you have a partner like mine who has a bit of a sense of humour, what they’re going to do is they’re going to wave around their little remote, laughing gleefully because they can change willy nilly and you can’t get your fucking hand in there. You know who you are, fuck you!

The Pulse 3 DUO will set you back £99 or your regional equivalent, whatever that may be and do I think that you should buy it? You my penis wielding friend and all of the penis wielding people out there should be buying this fucking toy. Lets sum up. It’s 100% waterproof which gives you options for places to use it, it also makes it piss easy to clean. It is rechargeable, it has magnetic charging, it comes with the cable and it also comes with a little storage bag for you to put it in. It’s made of body safe materials, it can be used on a hard cock and it can also be used on a soft cock which shows some love to our friends out there that suffer with erectile dysfunction.

Your partner can join in, add a little pizzaz to your foreplay or your mutual masturbation games that you like to play. It feels fucking amazing with a capital FUCK. And you know…you don’t even need to have a partner there to enjoy the additional vibrations that come on the underside. Now while they aren’t particularly powerful in my opinion, certainly not in comparison to the Pulse Plate, they do stack with the Pulse Plate and add additional stimulation. There are many ways that you can actually just use this and enjoy it. Short of wanting to save yourself 20 quid I don’t see a reason to actually own a SOLO when for that extra 20 quid you get all these additional options. That can then be used with your partner and the additional stimulation etc. There just doesn’t seem any reason to own a SOLO when the DUO just has that little bit more is just arguably better.

You owe it to your penis that has had to put up with your shit for all your life to buy this toy.

Well that’s me done, I hope you enjoyed my take on the Pulse 3 DUO. Let me know in the comments below wether you liked it, wether you didn’t like it. You know, stalk me on twitter and all of the other places on the interwebs where I can be found. Big shoutout to Hot Octopuss for sending this up to me so that I could actually use, abuse and talk about it. So until next time, from me to you – be good and if you can’t be good, be safe.

If you would like your very own you can buy it here.


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