Review | Gregg Homme Wired Mesh C-ring Briefs

Gregg Homme Wired Briefs - Packaging
Gregg Homme Wired Briefs - Packaging

Disclosure:  I was sent the Gregg Homme Wired Mesh C-ring briefs for this review for free by CloneZone & would like to thank them for the opportunity to put them through their paces.

It has been quite a while since I have reviewed any new underwear on the site and hadn’t really planned on getting more to do for a while. But when CloneZone sends a message asking if you have any space to do some more reviews for them I find it hard to say no, especially since they have to date sent stuff that I’ve ended up liking.

While I didn’t know what it was they were sending I did get a heads up that some underwear would be in the package. Whether this was because I loved the last pair of Gregg Homme that I had or because someone over there just wants to see pics of me in fancy pants is debatable. But it’s true I did love them and to be fair – I looked fucking good in them, so who knows?

The Packaging:

The briefs came packaging in a pretty sleek black and grey plastic bag with the back having the company’s logo and the front having a clear face so that you can see the underwear within. While it is nice, simple looking packaging it has no practical use after opening so feel free to bin it. It can be opened and closed without tearing…so if you’re one of those people that like to keep their underwear in separate bags in your drawer you can. If you are one of those people send me an email because I feel you would be an interesting person to talk to over a few drinks!

The Gregg Homme Wired Mesh C-ring Briefs:

The Gregg Homme Wired Mesh C-ring briefs are made from 84% polyamide microfibre, 16% elastane and has a 2.5cm wide elastic waistband with the company name and logo on the front. The product line of “Wired” is so called because of the chain fence pattern that works its way around around the mesh and is most visible on the rear. The pouch at the front has a black, elastic cock ring to help create that perfect bulge. They are available in small (28-30”), medium (30-32”) and large (32-34”).

Gregg Homme Wired Briefs

In Use:

I’ll be honest, up until reviewing this pair of underwear I can’t remember the last time I actually wore briefs as I’ve been a boxers/trunks dude for as long as I have been buying my own clothing. If you like wearing briefs then that is totally fine but for me, it just isn’t my preference so we weren’t off to a great start.

After taking them out of the pack I looked them over and all of the stitching was top notch and I probably inspected them for longer than was necessary just because I didn’t want to wear them. Eventually managing to pull myself together I put them on and messed with getting my cock and balls through the ring and immediately I disliked having them on and how they looked on me.

There are a couple of reasons for this, first is that the cockring though great at creating that bulge just held my cock down in an uncomfortable position that was a nightmare at the first hint of a hardon. The second is that the style of the briefs means that the waistband comes down quite low and while I do keep my pubes trimmed I am a hairy dude (belly and legs) and boxers make that contrast far less jarring than these do.

Gregg Homme Wired Briefs - Model Shot and Fit - Side

The reaction of the ladies in my life to seeing them was a mixed bag of extremes as well. Half said that they looked really good and the other half absolutely hated them, though all of them agreed that my arse looked really good in them, which I have to agree with – they do.

All wasn’t a loss though as I did find a use for these briefs at the gym. Having had a lazy week where I had done no washing they were the only clean pair that I had left in the drawer when I was getting ready to go to. Deciding not to use the cockring and just placing my junk normally I found them very supportive and comfortable. Even while doing deadlifts and squats they allowed for less restrictive movement than boxers and were very breathable in a very sweaty situation. That and they lift my ass cheeks nicely which makes it look awesome in my gym shorts. Since then they have been my go to choice for using at the gym, though I have cut out the elastic cockring.

In terms of cleaning them, they are to be washed at 30 degrees and then hung to dry though I have had no issue tumble drying them on a low heat, they can also be ironed but again if you iron this kinda underwear…me and you, drinks.

Gregg Homme Wired Briefs - Model Shot and Fit - Back


The Gregg Homme Wired Mesh C-ring briefs are really well made, they have the quality that I would expect from the brand. If you are into briefs and want to add a bit of flair to your bland underwear drawer then these could be just the thing for you. As I’ve said, they are supportive and very comfortable to wear and can take a beating without tearing.

The cockring was a let down for me because I just couldn’t get comfortable when using it, though it did produce a nice looking bulge, I’d rather just use my favourite cockrings. I like the pattern on them and they do look cool in that regard as well as how they make my arse looks though. A pair of these will set you back £36.99 and for me that is a steep asking price and I wouldn’t go out of my way to put that much down. Boxers on the other hand I wouldn’t think twice.

If you would like a pair for yourself you can purchase them here.


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