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Disclosure: I was sent the Fun Factory Duke for free for this review by Latex, Leather & Lace and would like to thank them for the opportunity to put it through its paces.


Hi guys & gals, Dom/mes & subs, Tops & bottoms, however you identify. Justin here with another review and today we’ve got the Fun Factory Duke which has kindly been sent up to me by Latex, Leather & So big thanks to them for letting me put it through its paces, so let’s see what I thought.

The Fun Factory Duke is a dual prostate and perineum stimulator and if you’re looking at this thinking “how the hell do I get that up my arse?” then you’ve done exactly what I did when I first took it out of the box because it doesn’t look like any prostate stimulator that I have ever used.

Now most of them have the long shaft and the curve to reach the prostate which this does have but it appears to be slightly backwards. The design actually makes a lot of sense though because this is the part that will go to the perineum and you would think that this is the part that goes to the prostate, however it’s actually this part that goes to the prostate and this just goes further into the ass to give you a fuller feeling. Which most prostate stimulators don’t  really do, they only really aim to wards the prostate and that’s all you get.

Now the Duke is actually made up of two components: The first is the body-safe silicone sleeve that is very soft, very flexible, very smooth, completely waterproof and as I say, completely body-safe. The second component is a small but powerful bullet that has five settings. You’ve got your continuous buzz, you’ve got a couple of pulse settings and you have a couple of patterns as well. The instructions say that this is completely waterproof as well, the Latex, leather & Lace website says that it’s water resistant, so possibly some faulty products in the past, I’m not 100% sure. What I can say though is that I have had both of these fully submerged under water several times and the vibrator is still working absolutely fine. So from my perspective the whole thing is fully waterproof. It’s also rechargeable, there’s no need for batteries and it comes with a magnetic USB charging cable to plug into your computer so that you can charge it up.

So how does it feel? Well there’s a bit of a learning curve for getting up there in the first place and the few initial tries it was a little bit awkward. You’re kinda having to go in, then kinda twist and come back a little bit and then push. Once you get the hang of it though it’s actually quite easy to get in there. This part rests nicely against the prostate, not quite as much pressure as I would like and this part is actually really nice because it does add that fuller feeling, going further up into the ass which you don’t get with a lot of other prostate toys. The perineum stimulator though is just…wank. It’s too flexible, it doesn’t really hug, it doesn’t really add a whole lot of pressure.

This isn’t helped by the bullet, which while it is pretty powerful it doesn’t translate its vibrations very well to this part of the toy. This part that’s touching your prostate – really good, this part that’s going further up – really good. It’s not the deep rumbly sensation that I would like but it’s pretty powerful and it does make the end of your dick tingle and is very pleasant. The part for the perineum though is just like a really light tickle which will work for some people, if that’s a sensation that you like. But for me it’s just irritating more than anything. I do like that Fun Factory have opted for the less is more approach with the vibrator, only having five settings. Not having to go through twenty bloody settings to get to the one that you actually like, that is a positive.

Now because the bullet juts out from the bottom *drum roll*…I do amuse myself, you can’t have it in your backside, sit down and play with yourself. If that is your preferred method of playing then this isn’t going to work out too well for you. If on the other hand you just sorta like to lay down and play with yourself and have it in there and you’re on your side or you’re in a different position then it works really well. I never really felt as though it was going to come out of its own accord, it felt nice and secure. Wearing it and sticking some boxers on, walking around the house and using it like a plug, it didn’t feel quite as secure.

I didn’t manage a hands free orgasm just through the stimulation that the Duke offers, primarily down to the fact that it just doesn’t apply enough pressure to my prostate in order to do that. Although the power is adequate enough for that to happen. However I did enjoy the feelings and the sensations that it actually gave me as an accompaniment to my own hand and it really did intensify those orgasms really nicely.

The Fun Factory Duke will cost you £50 and you can have it in blue or you can have it in black and I actually think that’s a really fair price for what you’re getting here. Namely, a very unique shape that offers more areas of stimulation than most prostate massagers. It’s completely body-safe, it’s waterproof, the bullet is relatively powerful, the fact that it is rechargeable is also a really good thing. And it’s all going to depend entirely upon how you like to play with your backside or how you like to play with your prostate. If you’re into handsfree orgasms this probably isn’t going to do a good job of it, if you just like something up your arse, teasing your prostate as you play with yourself then this works really well. And I really enjoy the fact that there’s this extra bit here which goes further up past the prostate adding a more filling feeling which a lot of prostate massagers don’t do. It’s a shame that this just really doesn’t work well for me, however if you do just like a bit of a tickle on your perineum then it will work well for you. So there you go.

So that’s it for my review of the Fun Factory Duke. A big thanks to Latex, Leather &  for sending it up to me for this review and until next time from me to you, be good and if you can’t be good, be safe.

If you would like to buy your own you can do so here.


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