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Disclosure: I was sent the Electro Helix for free for this review by Estim Systems and would like to thank them for the opportunity to put it through its paces.

Video Transcript:

Hi Guys & Gals, Dom/mes & sub, Tops & bottoms – however you identify. Justin here with another review and today we have the Electro Helix from Estim Systems which they’ve kindly sent up to me to put it through paces. So let’s see what I thought.

Now we can’t talk about the Electro Helix without talking about the Estim Systems Series 1 and that’s because the Electro Helix is going to be replacing the Series 1 as their entry level powerbox. I’ve known this was on the cards for roughly about a year at this point and now that it has finally come around I really want to have a one minute silence for the big black box here.

There are several changes with Electro Helix over the Series 1 and a lot of them take queues from the Electro Pebble that I reviewed not too long ago. Now the most obvious difference is that it is significantly smaller. It has the same three stepless knobs that control the level of output, the feel of that output and the speed of the pulses. They added two new patterns to the original three settings that you had, giving you a total of five. So you have two patterns: “Milk” & “Tease”, you also have your continuous setting, you also have your pulse setting and you also have your manual setting, with a fire button. Yes! The Helix has a fire button which I have been reliably informed is only there because I bitched so much about the fact that it wasn’t on the Pebble. You’re welcome!

There is also a “hidden” sixth setting that they refer to as “sports” mode and what that is is basically for people like me who can have this out maximum output or has a masochist to play with. You can have this at full and be able to take more, you put it into sports mode and it takes it at max level and just pushes it that little bit further. It becomes a little bit more intense. In fact you could even say “these go to 11”.

Like the Electro Pebble it has the Lifeline Display which will show you the battery level, it will show you what mode you’re in and it will give you a visual representation of what the mode is actually doing. The only other difference between this and the Series 1 is that the Series 1 had two outputs whereas the Helix only has one.

So that’s the differences but do I think that the Electro Helix is a worthy replacement for the Series 1? Having spent well over a month playing around with it, it definitely is a worthy replacement for the Series 1 in every fucking regard, bar one. And that is that it does not feel like a Series 1. What I mean by that is that I can set this and I can set the Series 1 exactly the same way, use the same toy with both and they will both feel different. Now this has been explained to me in the past and I know that it has something to do with waveforms but I’m not an electrical engineer. The point is that the Electro Helix feels more like the Electro Pebble than it does the Series 1.

Now is that a bad thing? Not at all. There’s a certain level of sentimentality that comes with the Series 1 because of all of the fun that I’ve had with it by myself and with my slave. Particularly with my slave because the Series 1 is her go to powerbox to have used on her. It just has a unique feel that will produce a reaction out of her that no other powerbox that I have has been able to do. For me, I really like the feel of the Series 1 but I also really like the feel of the Electro Helix and I suppose what I’m trying to articulate absolutely miserably is that I’m not going to drop the Series 1 in favour of the Electro Helix I will use the Electro Helix alongside the Series 1. If the Helix felt exactly like the Series 1 though I would drop the Series 1 like the brick that it is.

With that said, I do think going forward with the Electro Helix Estim Systems have done a really good fucking job with it. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed using it with cock rings and with the electro egg and I think that removing the second output was a really good idea. This is a personal thing, purely because having two outputs that both do the same thing is just really fucking dull. If you’re going to have two outputs you want to have them independently controlled so that say you’re wearing a cockring , that’s doing one thing and say you’ve got something up your arse, that’s doing something different. Having them both pulse in the same way at the same time is just really fucking boring. If you want two independently controlled channels or you just want two channels then you can always go and buy the Electro Pebble. This doesn’t need the two outputs, it just needs the one.

Adding a couple of extra settings is also a good thing because the patterns do feel nice and you get more options than the Series 1 had. Again, if you want to have more settings than that you can move up an estim powerbox. The design is nice, it fits in with their current range, it’s smaller, it’s easier to hold or it’s easier to strap onto your partner and they also fixed one of my annoyances with the Electro Pebble was the battery compartment really stuck the battery in there and getting the battery out was an absolute bitch! They’ve fixed that by giving it more space, which is awesome.

I will make one criticism of its design though and I know I am being so incredibly fucking anal right now. While I am happy, so so happy that it has a manual mode or here “fire” and it has the fire button – I’m not too happy that it doesn’t have the little red fire button. I really like the little red fire button, the little red fire button is intimidating as fuck for people when you say “I’m going to shock you, hahaha”. I get entirely why it doesn’t have the same red button and it has something that is a little more tactile and looks a little better on the overall product, I get that. Like I said, I’m being incredibly fucking anal right now, I just miss that little button.

The standard box is £109 or whatever your regional equivalent is and in that you will get the powerbox, you’ll get a cable and you’ll get some sticky pads as well. That’s a no brainer, it’s a really good price for what you’re getting but like the Electro Pebble it’s also coming out in two packs. You have the Electro Helix blue and you have the Electro Helix red and now i’ve just got Pikachu stuck in my goddamn head. Yay for old skool Pokemon references. The Electro Helix blue will give you everything that I just said but it will also give you some cock loops and that will cost you £119 or whatever your regional equivalent is. If you go with the Electro Helix red you will get everything that I mentioned before but you will also get the small Electro Egg and that will save you a little bit of money. And honestly they are just better value for money even though this is value for money enough, those are better value for money.

That’s me done for today, I hope you’ve enjoyed my take on the Electro Helix. Feel free to comment, feel free to subscribe, feel free to stalk me on twitter. If you fancy taking a leap into the wonderful world of ElectroSex this is not a bad place to start and I will leave a link down below for where you can buy one, if you would like to buy one. Big shoutout to Estim Systems for sending this up to me in the first place and letting me use and abuse and talk about it. So until next time, from me to you. Be good and if you can’t be good, be safe.

If you would like your very own estim powerbox you can buy it from here.


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