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Electrastim Sirius Review by Just_Indecerous
Electrastim Sirius Review by Just_Indecerous

Disclosure: I was sent the Sirius for free for this review by ElectraStim and would like to thank them for the opportunity to put it through its paces.

The Packaging:
The Sirius comes packaged in a sleek white and black cardboard box with an image of the toy (to scale) on the front and plenty product information on the back. Within the box the toy is housed safely in a thick foam which is in turn covered in shrinkwrap. It’s a simple package design that is nice and neutral but once opened has little use.

Electrastim Sirius Review by Just_Indecerous

The ElectraStim Sirius:

The ElectraStim Sirius is primarily designed as a prostate/perineum electro insertable but can also be used to great effect as a electro g-spot/labia/clit toy as well. Part of ElectraStim’s Silicone Noir range of toys it is made from 100% platinum cured silicone and is phthalate free which is soft and silky smooth to the touch.

The shaft has 4” of insertable length with the maximum girth being 4.2” at its widest point. It has two contacts that run the length of each side and also features a curved head and additional bulge for added stimulation. The perineum stimulator is about 1.3” wide and contains another two contacts on its face. There are four connection points on the back of the perineum stimulator which will require 2mm connectors.

The “shape and play” feature of the ElectraStim Sirius allows you change the angle of the shaft meaning that you can increase the pressure on your P-spot and against your perineum to suit your tastes.

Electrastim Sirius Review by Just_Indecerous
Electrastim Sirius Review by Just_Indecerous

In Use:

Setting up the ElectraStim Sirius was easy, take it out of its box and using your 2mm connectors connect it to your stimulator. To be able to use all four contacts you will need a dual channel stimulator such as ElectraStim’s Flick Duo EM-80. If you only have a single channel stimulator like the Flick EM-60 you can still connect it to the Sirius but you will only be able to have two of the contacts live.

Each time I have used it I have loved the feel of just inserting it, the silicone has just the right amount of give and when lubed up with some conductive gel it just feels delicious sliding in. While not as girthy as I would generally go for in a toy the shape of the shaft if fun to play with just on its own. Creating a nice sensation as the girth changes and you feel yourself open for it and close around it which by itself is enough for me to be ready to go.

Electrastim Sirius Review by Just_Indecerous

I found changing the angle of the shaft once inserted was easy and was able to get a very good amount of pressure on my P-spot and perineum and the stiffness of the toy held it firmly in place. This I have to admit is rather impressive because a lot of prostate toys that I have used just don’t get this right at all – for me at least. There’s always an issue with either the shaft not being at the right angle or the perineum stimulator not hugging enough to hold it in place. If the ElectraStim Sirius had some more girth it would, by itself, with no electro blah de blah be my perfect prostate massager.

That said, it is an electro toy so I should probably tell you about how it feels when there’s current coursing through it and into you. In short – ABSOLUTELY FUCKING AMAZEBALLS, SOMEONE HAND ME A TOWEL TO WIPE AWAY THE DROOL. That’s right, it feels so good I used caps! It’s hard to describe what electrostimulation feels like to people who have never used it, but if you imagine a deep, penetrating vibration you’re about halfway there. The rest depends on how high you can go with your stimulator and how you set it to work.

Electrastim Sirius Review by Just_Indecerous

What I found best for me personally was to use and alternating pulse setting so that the shaft contacts would fire and then the perineum contacts would fire. This mean that every time my muscles contracted and squeezed around the shaft the perineum would be tense as it got shocked. Resulting in a consistent thrusting sensation that had the head repeatedly pushing against my P-Spot and fuck me sideways did it feel good! So, so, good!

I was surprised how much I enjoyed the current through the perineum as generally it’s an area that vibrating stimulators have had no effect on. But I really enjoyed the sensation, I think helped by the pressure that can be achieved. It hasn’t happened yet, but I did get close several times to a hands free orgasm but I’m sure it will get me there with more attempts. That said, every orgasm I have had when using the ElectraStim Sirius has been heavenly.

Electrastim Sirius Review by Just_Indecerous

As I said earlier, to get the most out of this toy you really are going to want a dual channel stimulator. Not only will that allow all four contacts to be live but it creates a huge variety of sensations to try. Not only do you have the modes of the stimulator but you can wire it up in different ways as each contact is independent. I have had so much fun just trying out different combinations of connector placement and settings and jizzing all over the place in the name of science!

I think the only issue that I have with the ElectraStim Sirius is that I can’t sit down with it in and have it pulsing away while I work. Please ElectraStim, new connectors that will allow me to do this! Pleaaaase! That said, I love this fucking thing even without the electricity so for now I will sit with it in without it hooked up and just rock myself on it. Which feels really nice by the way!

Cleaning the toy afterwards was simple, warm water, antibacterial soap and your favourite sex toy cleaner before rinsing and leaving to air dry.

Electrastim Sirius Review by Just_Indecerous


It’s safe to say that I highly recommend the ElectraStim Sirius – I love this thing. I’ll be honest that I wasn’t expecting to but I’ll be damned if I don’t. Great material, great quality, the “shape and play” is fantastic and it feels amazing just on it’s own. Add the electricity and it just….UMMMPH! If you like prostate play and you’re into estim then you just have to own this.

The Electrastim Sirius is in my opinion worth every penny of it’s £59 price tag, every single penny. If you only have a single channel stimulator or aren’t a fan of perineum stimulation I would still say it was worth it because it works very well just having the two shaft contacts working.

If you want the whole experience though then I highly recommend getting the P-spot gift pack which will get you the Flick Duo EM-80 so you can use all four contacts and the Sirius in one package for £219 which will save you about 20 quid if you got them separately. There are few items that I have ever said are a must have, this is a must have item.

Electrastim Sirius Review by Just_Indecerous


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