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This is going to be what I’m calling a mini review. I received the Jack Socket XL sleeve a few months ago to test out and give my thoughts to ElectraStim and now that it is finally released I can share those thoughts with you. This mini review is going to focus exclusively on the new Jack Socket XL sleeve and not the Jack Socket product as a whole as all of the the other details & opinions remain the same. If you would like to check out my video for that you can find it here.

Disclosure: I was sent the Jack Socket XL sleeve for this review for free by Electrastim and would like to thank them for the opportunity to put it through it’s paces. Image is courtesy of Electrastim because I can’t find the sleeve at the moment, curse of having so many sextoys all over the place!

In Use:

The Jack Socket XL sleeve is different from the original in three ways. The first is that the canal itself is wider than the original, the second is that this sleeve features a ribbed texture instead of dots/bumps and the third is that the soft, smooth TPE is a little thinner as well.

Ok those are the differences but how do those differences change the sensations of the original? Well in terms of the slightly thinner material I can’t say that I noticed anything different at all. One possibility was that by making it thinner that the conductivity through the toy would be stronger and I can’t say that was the case, it felt exactly like the original in terms of the current.

The canal being wider and the ribbed texture on the other hand made a massive difference to the sensation and I have to say that I fucking loved it. I found that with it not being as tight I had a greater degree of control over the sensations that I received. I could achieve that same tight feeling of the original just by squeeze a little more to really intensify both the current flowing through my cock or just the sensation of the ribs. Or if I wanted to back off and tease myself I could just as easily not squeeze and just hold the Jack Socket XL as I stroked it over my cock.

I found the ribs to be far more noticeable and the sensation far more enjoyable than the bumps found on the original sleeve and would quite happily just absent mindedly just sit there stroking away without the electricity just because I enjoyed the feel. I think the best way to describe the difference in sensation is like this: the original sleeve is so tight that the texture isn’t that noticeable and your focus is drawn mainly to the current. The Jack Socket XL sleeve isn’t as tight and so the texture is far more apparent out of the gate and electricity adds to the already fucking awesome sensation.


I’d forgive you for thinking that the XL was just a different sleeve for the highly praised Jack Socket. But it’s a testament to a company listening to the feedback of its customers. They asked and Electrastim have delivered, beautifully. This isn’t here to replace the already great Jack Socket sleeve, and if you love that one – you do you. It is here to offer an alternative, it is here to provide those who don’t want something so tight or are so blessed with girth that the original is uncomfortable. And it is here to offer a variety to choose from and I don’t think that is a bad thing at all.

At £39.00 I would say it is worth picking up if you already have a Jack Socket and want to try a different set of sensations. But particularly, those that do have a Jack Socket but found that it was a little too restrictive because of how tight it was. Revisit it with the Jack Socket XL Sleeve and you may find a far better Electrosex experience!

If you would like to buy your own, you can get one here. And if you use Justin as your code you’ll save yourself 10%


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