Review | ElectraStim “Jack Socket” Electro-Sex Stroker

Disclosure: I was sent the “Jack Socket” Electro-Sex Stroker for this video review for free by ElectraStim and I would like to thank them for the opportunity to put it through its paces.

Video Transcript:

Hi Guys & Gals, Dom/mes & subs, Tops & bottoms – however you identify. This is Justin from and today for review we have the “Jack Socket”, electro-sex stroker from ElectraStim…which has single handedly managed to make me give a shit about strokers! Generally I don’t care about strokers – don’t get me wrong they work well, they do their job perfectly, they feel good. But on the occasions that I don’t have a slave attending to my every whim and need I have a perfectly working right hand and me and him have had a lot of practice together over the years.

Me and him, we have some fun together. Add some tissue to clean up the mess, flush it down the toilet – done! With a stroker you’ve got to get it out then you’ve got to lube it up, then lube yourself up. Then you gotta try and get rid of the excess lube on your hands because you don’t want lube all over your phone as your trying to change the porn. Then you’ve got to clean it, use your sex toy cleaner, let it air dry – probably in the bathroom, forget about it. And then come up with some weird alternative for what it is when your friend sees it when they go to the toilet. Kudos to you though if you say; “it’s a masturbator, I had a wank just before you arrived. You should probably buy one, it feels really good! Don’t tell me that you don’t wank – I know that you do!”

But as seems to be the case with me, if you add estim to something, I’m going to fall in love with it. How it works is simple. First remove the two protective caps, one at the top and one at the bottom. Get your powerbox, a set of 2mm connecting cables and you plug it in here and here. Now it is a bipolar toy so you will need to plug in both cables in order to complete the circuit. Here and here you have a nice little cable tidy system which with the power of post editing I’m going to show you in operation now. And there you have it, nice, clean tidy cables out of the way of your jacking off experience. How cool is that!?

But before you begin with your jacking off you’ve got a flap here and a flap here which open up and these are for putting your conductive gel into. So you squeeze your conductive gel into there, there’s some holes on the inside here that when it’s coming out, you’ve put in enough. Then basically lube up the inside with some water based lube, lube yourself up, slide your dick in and you’re ready to go. Please refrain from sticking your dick into the jack socket while it is powered on. Also turn jack socket off before removing said dick!

The casing is made from medical grade silicone and you can see it has this grip texture to it, it’s very flexible and as I was using it if you give it a good squeeze you can really increase the intensity and the sensation that you get from it. The sleeve is made from a soft, smooth TPE and as you look down the canal you can see that it’s got all these bumps for extra stimulation. Now ok it is made of TPE, TPE is a porous material and if this was a dildo the material warriors would be up in arms wanting it burned for heresy against the emperor. Unfortunately as guys TPE is the best we’ve got…for now.

On that note, with good care, good cleaning and a little bit of cornstarch you will get a fair amount of use out of the sleeve before you do eventually have to replace it. If you do replace it, ElectraStim has you covered because they’re selling the sleeves seperately.

How does it feel? Like a stroker…but with electricity going through and that is awesome! It feels amazing! You can have anything from a light tingle up to a deep throb or for the masochists out there that really want to crank up the power, yeah you can make it hurt. Add in the sensation of the actual TPE and the canal as you’re stroking and getting off and it feels amazing all over your cock. It’s just uummphh…nice!

The open ended design of the Jack Socket is awesome. You guys with really long dicks? you’re gonna be perfectly fine and it will stretch way beyond its rested state so you guys with monster cocks, you’re gonna be perfectly fine as well. You are gonna make a mess of the sheets but then that’s what tissue is for. Once you’re sated, and you will be it’s time to clean it up. The Jack Socket comes completely apart, you can take out the sleeve, you can take out the components, you can do a thorough clean of it, use your sex toy cleaner, let it air dry like I said before. Put it back together, it’s ready for next time and I’ll tell you what, it is worth the time to do it.

It is going to cost you £79 in the UK or whatever your regional equivalent is and that’s a lot of money to ask for but it’s really good quality materials, it’s really well built, it’s really well thought out and if you are into estim it is totally worth it. It would be a really good beginners toy as an entry to estim because people are going to be used to strokers – however you are going to have to buy your own powerbox.

This has single handedly made me interested in strokers to the point where I actually want to use it, which is unheard of! Although I could get my slave to use it on me…that would be interesting. But I am totally keeping hold of the powerbox! I am not letting her have control of that…F that.

So that’s it from me and Jack I hope you enjoyed the review. If you did feel free to like it, share it. Let’s get some more guys talking about wanking, let’s get some more people talking about estim in general. It’s awesome fun and people should be trying it, it can only be a good thing.
If you want to check out more of my stuff, my reviews and things go over to the website, I will put the link down below. Check out the reviews, check out the dirty stories and whatever else ends up on the website. So until next time, from me to you – Be good and if you can’t be good, be safe.

If you would like you’re own Jack Socket? You can get yours here!

Electrastim Jacksocket PackagingElectrastim Jacksocket Review by Just_Indecerous PackagingElectrastim Jacksocket Review by Just_Indecerous

Electrastim Jacksocket Review by Just_IndecerousInside Electrastim Jacksocket Review by Just_Indecerous - DisassembledElectrastim Jacksocket Review by Just_Indecerous

Inside Electrastim Jacksocket Review by Just_Indecerous - DisassembledElectrastim Jacksocket Review by Just_IndecerousIn-Use Electrastim Jacksocket Review by Just_Indecerous - Disassembled








Electrastim Jacksocket Review by Just_IndecerousElectrastim Jacksocket Review by Just_Indecerous - Disassembled


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