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Disclosure: I was sent the ElectraStim Flick Duo for free for this review by ElectraStim and would like to thank them for the opportunity to put it through its paces

The Packaging:

The ElectraStim Flick Duo came packaged in a very nice looking, black and white cardboard box. The front showing a to scale image of the Flick Duo, one side shows a layout of the stimulator while the other shows the contents of the box. The back contains some more product blurb as well as listing it’s key features.

Inside you will find the Flick Duo resting neatly in a plastic housing, covered in black felt. Removing this will give you access to the other components which are 2 x output cables, 4 x electrode pads, a USB charging cable, a little drawstring pouch to keep the stimulator in as well as a set of instructions.

The Flick Duo:

The ElectraStim Flick Duo is 95mm in length, 55mm wide and 15mm deep. It features two independently controlled outputs which can utilize any of the 8 build in patterns. It has 25 levels of intensity to choose from as well as the Flick feature which allows you to “flick” the stimulator and shock according to how you perform the flick, which itself has 50 levels of intensity.

All of this can be easily seen on the LED display on the front face of the stimulator and adjusted to your preferred settings with the tactile buttons. The back of the stimulator has a rubber feel back that provides grip while holding it. The Flick Duo is a rechargeable device so there is no worrying about having to replace those pesky batteries.

In Use:

Over a year ago I reviewed the Flick Duo’s little brother, the EM60 and it has had very regular use since then. When introducing a play partner to electrosex it has been my go to stimulator for its unintimidating appearance and ease of use. We have had some great times together and with other people but to be honest the Flick Duo has just completely replaced it. The only time I want to use the EM60 nowadays is either when I’m playing with more than one person or I just want to shock the hell out of someone with everything that I own.

So it is already clear to you that the ElectraStim Flick Duo is going to be heavily praised but why has it completely replaced the EM60? In a Nutshell: It keeps everything that was right and it’s additions are meaningful. The size and shape of the Flick Duo fits perfectly in your hand and the rubber feel back means that there is less chance of it slipping when using it. Also, given its compact size it is easy to clip into the stockings or attach it to your play partner without it feeling cumbersome.

The buttons are very responsive and the two LED displays not only make it easier to see what level each of the outputs are on but also just looks cooler in my opinion. The 25 levels of intensity (one more than the EM60) offers a very nice range for both beginners and experienced electrosex enthusiasts alike and the 8 built in patterns (again one more than the EM60) allow for a wide range of sensations.

Now, one more intensity level and one more pattern may not sound like a massive upgrade and you would be right, it’s not. However, one more independently controlled output? That changes the game completely. Not only does that allow you to use something like the Sirius (which I’ve reviewed and fucking love) to its full potential but it means you can just do more. Want 4 pads? Use 4. Want 2 pads two electro loops? Have that. Want to have two insertables in the same lady, each running on different intensities and patterns while you watch them bounce on the bed not too sure if they are coming or going? You can! The possibilities and combinations are limited only by your imagination, this alone makes the Flick Duo worth it.

The Flick feature that gives the stimulator its name works by flicking the stimulator up and down in your hand. The force you put into the flick is then translated into a shock for the recipient which worked well on the EM60 but works better here in my opinion. Again, simply down to the additional output and the ability to have more shocked at the same time.

At the time of doing my EM60 review I recall that my only real concern was that it felt a little too light and flimsy, suggesting that it may easily break. The Flick Duo is constructed in the same way and of the same materials but I have no concern in that regard because the EM60 has taken a fair amount of abuse in over 12 months and other than a few grazes hasn’t cracked or broken. I feel the Flick Duo will continue that track record.

Electrastim Sirius Review by Just_Indecerous


I’ve had a wonderful time with the ElectraStim Flick Duo both by myself in solo play and with others, recently having used it to convert a complete newbie to electrosex as well, which I’m starting to believe may be my reason for existing! As I said earlier it has completely replaced my EM60 as it just offers more possibilities for different types of play and sensation. Not only does it looks great but it works fantastically, is rechargeable and comes with everything you need in the box to get started in your electrosex journey.

At £179 I can’t recommend it enough however what I would say is that if you are planning on picking one up you should consider the P-Spot bundle which adds a Sirius to the package. Not only is it an awesome toy both anally and vaginally but it will cost you £219 and save some pennies on buying them separately. If you want to save a little more and who doesn’t? You can also use the code “Justin” at the checkout to save yourself 10%. Go forth and shock yourself or significant other, or each of you, at the same time!

If you would like to buy you’re very own you can do so from here.


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