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Disclosure: I was kindly provided with the ElectroPebble by E-Stim Systems and would like to thank them for the opportunity to put it through its paces.



Hi Guys & gals, Dom/mes & subs, Tops & bottoms – however you identify. Justin here with another review and this time we have the ElectroPebble that E-Stim Systems have kindly sent up to me. So let’s see how it did.

At ETO a couple of months ago E-Stim Systems unveiled their new powerbox to go with their current range, the Series 1 that I absolutely love and the 2B that I really want. What they’ve come up with is this – the ElectroPebble.

It’s powered by a 9V battery, it has dual channels which you can control independently with each of these knobs here. Up here you can see the two 3.5mm jacks for you attachments of choice and these two buttons here will select which mode you’re in. The adjust button here adjusts the sensation of each mode and it will do a different thing for whichever mode you’re in. So for example if you’re in the pulse mode changing the adjust will adjust how fast it pulses. If you’re in the Flo mode changing the adjust will change how prickly or how throbby the sensation is that you will receive.

When you switch it on you’ll notice these LED’s light up and this is what is called the Lifeline. It’s a multipurpose display, it does several different things. First of all it will go through a self check, then it will show you how much battery power you have and then it will give you a visual representation of the mode that you are currently in. So if we switch it on – there’s the self check, there’s the battery and there’s the representation of the mode that it’s in. Now this is in the Flo mode or the continuous mode at the moment, so if I change that and now it’s in pulse – you can see it pulsing away.

On the subject of modes the ElectroPebble has 9 of them which is a lot more than you get with the Series 1. You’ve got your standard pulse which pulses on & off, you’ve got your continuous setting which they’ve labelled as Flo on this. Milk, Squeeze, Tease & Torment are all patterns of some description and while I’m not going to go into any real detail about those ones they all do feel very different from one another.

The three modes that really make the ElectroPebble standout and worth its weight in gold in my opinion is first of all Split which is a combination of both Pulse & Flo. So one channel will pulse and the other channel will be on a continuous setting which feels really good in my solo play by having the continuous sensation going off in say my ass while having a cock loop pulsing away as I’m jacking off. It’s just a gorgeous feeling.

The Bounce mode is basically a pulse except that it pulses between the two channels so it will fire one, then it will fire the other and so on and so forth back and forth. Which again in solo play is a lot of fun to have the sensation bouncing between the two attachments that you’re using, whichever ones it is that you want to use. Again I used something up my backside and cockloop around my dick which was really really good or it worked really well with the insertable penis plugs as well.

Finally is the audio mode which when used the ElectroPebble will react to sound thanks to the inbuilt microphone and if you’re anything like me you will spend hours…hours upon hours trying to find the perfect piece of music to use with it that will shock and stimulate in really interesting ways. The best one that I’ve found thus far is Bastard by Devin Townsend – it just works so well.

Now I do love the ElectroPebble, I really love the ElectroPebble but there are some things that do annoy me and I want to get those out of the way first. The first thing is that the battery…getting the battery out is an utter bitch. It is great when it’s in there, it’s nice and snug, it doesn’t rattle around – it’s fantastic. But because this is battery powered you are going to have to take the battery out and getting it out is a fucking nightmare.

The next thing is the naming of Flo on here. Now They’ve used Flo for the continuous mode and I’m being a little bit anal here. “Continuous” is just a term that everybody understands, everybody knows what it means – whether it’s an electro toy or a vibrator, everybody knows what continuous does. From a usability perspective calling it Flo just doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. I know why they’ve done it, it aesthetically pleasing but I still think they should have gone with continuous.

My biggest issue though with the ElectroPebble is that it doesn’t have a manual mode and a “fire” button which is not going to be a surprise to the guys from E-Stim Systems because they know how much I love that. But for you guys; on the Series 1 you have this little button here which is the “fire”button and what that does is you put it into manual mode and it won’t do anything until you press that button. Now because I’m a sadistic bastard and I love using that with someone else and them not knowing when I’m going to shock them or for how long – it’s my favourite thing on the Series 1. Personally I think it would have fit really well on the ElectroPebble and I really feel this is missing out by not having that.

Now other than those issues and I know two of them are really anal and minor things, even the fire button is not going to bother some people. It bothers me because I really like using it but other than those issues I really like the ElectroPebble. I like how much easier it is to hold, I like the size of it and how compact it is and yet it still has that very industrial kind of look in comparison to here (Series 1). The knobs are all stepless which means that you can really fine tune the sensation that you want to get out of it.

The lifeline display is really helpful, particularly for showing you when you’re going to have to change the battery. I love the amount of modes that you get and the variety that you have with those modes and the fact that each of them do feel very different and have very unique sensations with them. The audio works really well, particularly with my computer speakers or stereo speakers. I didn’t find it particularly good with the phone speaker, even though you cranked the adjust all the way up but with my computer speakers it works really well. I responds really well to voice as well so you can have some really evil fun by cranking up the power, getting your insertables in there and then making them yelp to make it shock them to then make them yelp even more to make it shock them even more, it is just great fun!

So for £149 you are getting a lot to play in one very easy to use little powerbox. In the package itself you get a ElectroPebble, you get the battery, you get two connecting cables and you get four sticky pads. Now I’m not a big fan of sticky pads unless I’m using a lot of them with different powerboxes, all going off at different settings at the same time but the ElectroPebble is also being released in two bundles, both the XPE and the XPF at £209.

The XPE bundle will get you what I’ve already mentioned plus and extra pair of cock loops and a medium ElectroEgg. And if you want to check out my review of the ElectroEggs you can do that by clicking here. Because I’ve already reviewed them and I really like them. The XPF bundle will get you again what’s in the box two cock loops and a Flange which is a metal insertable to use as well. While I think the basic box, the basic package is a really good price you’re going to get a lot more use and more value for money by getting one of the XPE or XPF packs. I guarantee you will get more use out of that.  

Speaking of guarantees E-Stim Systems offers a lifetime guarantee on all of their powerboxes, Lifetime guarantee. And if that’s not peace of mind for you right there then I don’t know what is. Do I think that you should buy it? I think that if you’re a beginner fuck yes you should buy this, this is near perfect for a beginner. For advanced players, yeah it’s not the 2B in terms of how much you can tweak it and how many modes it has and whatnot but the 2B is really for hardcore players in my opinion. But for most advanced users this is going to provide you with so much fun and so much entertainment that…fuck yes, just buy it.
So that’s me done, big thanks to E-Stim Systems for sending me the ElectroPebble to use and abuse and review for you guys to watch. I’ll put the link for everything and all that jazz below in the description. If you want to like the video, give me a like, if you want to subscribe feel free to do so, if not that’s cool too. But until next time, from me to you – be good and if you can’t be good, be safe.


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