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Disclosure: I was kindly provided with these Electro Eggs by E-Stim Systems and would like to thank them for the opportunity to put them through their paces.

Video Transcript:

Hi guys & gals, Dom/me & subs, Tops & bottoms – however you identify. Justin back with another review. To day we’ve got these Electro Eggs that E-stim Systems has kindly sent up to me, so lets see how they did.

Now I’m no stranger to E-stim systems premium range electrodes. I’ve previously reviewed their Large Flo which was part of their red collection and that is still very much my go to electrode when I want to shock the hell out of people, it gets a lot of use. So when they offered me the chance to try out their new range of toys of course I jumped at the opportunity but Mick being the ultimate troll that he is, thanks Mick, didn’t tell me anything about them. I didn’t know what was coming, I had no idea.

A few days later these eggs arrived I jumped into them, eagerly looking and I’m like “shit…I can’t put these up anybody’s bum”. But then, for some strange reason, we’ll call it divine intervention I did this thing that guys generally don’t do, I actually read the instructions and it turns out that I can put these up peoples bum so then I started doing this “yay bum-fun”.

Anyway this is what they look like, it’s made from aircraft grade aluminium, it’s polished to a nice mirror finish and the range comprises of a small, medium and a large. This would be the medium one. They each have a captive bi-polar connection with a 1.5 metre long cable which connects to your power box via a 3.5mm jack. I don’t know if you can see it properly here but the tail has been strengthened with an additional piece of rubber which is nice and strong, it’s been tested up to about 12 kilos of pressure and that’s what makes it safe for bum-fun.

The small egg has a 3.5 inch girth, weighs 70 grams and will cost you £59 and is the only one of the range that I don’t really recommend. The reason for that is not because it is bad, it’s just not as good as the other two. This is quite small, it doesn’t have a lot of surface area to play with. When I put this in my backside I was having to clench to really get a good grip of it to actually get any good stimulation out of it. I felt I was doing more work than I had to to really get anything out of it. Even though it is the least intimidating of the three I really think that if you go with this one  you’re going to want to trade up really quickly afterwards.

Now this egg, I love this egg! The medium egg. I love this egg! This is the perfect size for me, it is the perfect weight for me, I don’t have to clench – It just works! Just that lovely pulsing feeling, that’s nice and filling and…it just works. The funny thing is that this thing is £10 more than that egg. £69 this will cost you and it will get you 4.6 inches of girth, it will get you 150 grams in weight – it just feels sooo much better than the small one. If you want to use it as a kegel trainer it works perfectly, again so much better than the small one. There’s a lot more weight, your body’s doing a lot more with it and I put this in my slave and watched her stand and hold on to it and yes, yes! This one!

Now the large egg, ohhh the large egg, the large egg is a monster. You’ve got 6.1 inches of girth, you’ve got 300 grams which is twice that of the medium and I’ll be honest, I didn’t even attempt to stick this up my backside. I know I could get that kind of girth in there but I would need more of a tapered tip in order to get it in there comfortably. On the other hand though, this is by far my slaves favourite one, she loves this one in her pussy as much as I love that one in my ass. God did she have fun having this in her pussy and to make it more interesting we got this one in her pussy and she was writhing around on the bed and then we put the medium one in there at the same time and my god did she writhe around and it was amazing to watch. But! As a warning, orgasms can occur when you use these and if you have both of these in your pussy at the same time and you have an orgasm you are likely to push one out. Hilarious to watch when it comes out because it’s still switched on and the closer it gets to coming out the more and more it hurts. So it was fantastic when it popped out and she jumped up and was kind of screaming while still writhing at the same time because this one inside her. For a masochist you will love that, for a sadist, you will adore the memory…fun times.

So you’ve had your orgasmic electrosex bliss, how easy are they to clean? The answer is very. Warm water, sex toy cleaner, antibacterial soap or you can use disinfectant wipes. They are not submersible so you can’t put them under water and they’re not designed to be taken apart. So unlike the large Flo you can’t give them a complete, thorough clean because you can’t take them apart. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend using them with different play partners unless you are very sure that they are clean and that there is nothing that you are going to pass on from one partner to the other.

So would I recommend them? Yes I would! I am more than happy to have these in my ever expanding electrosex toy collection. They’re built beautifully, they feel fantastic, they look great. Are they going to take the Large Flo from its podium? Probably not but that’s personal preference not a reflection of these. Both vaginally and anally they work fantastically well. I would personally recommend going with the medium as that is my favourite, the one I think works best and the one that is best value for money but at £59, £69 and £79 it’s entirely your choice. But by god get one of them at least! If not two.
That’s it, I’m done. If you want to check out any of the images I took, along with the transcript for this you’ll find it on the website. I’ll put the link down below for that. If you want to take a dive in and you want to get your own, I’ll put a link down below for that aswell. So thank you once again to E-Stim Systems for sending these to me and letting me abuse them, use them and talk about them and I want to go use them again now! So until next time, thank you for watching, thank you for supporting so from me to you, be good and if you can’t be good, be safe.

If you would like one of your very own you can purchase one here.


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