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The Plunge comes in a sealed clear plastic sleeve with no branding attached. There is a small Tantus pamphlet attached to the handle via a hole and some plastic cord, that’s it. Nothing to see here – move along.

The Plunge:

The Plunge Paddle is made from Tantus’ Ultra Premium Silicone which is completely body safe and is presented here in matte black. After I took it out of the package the first thing I noticed was the feel of the silicone, almost entirely smooth (minus the embossed logo between the blade and handle) and almost velvet like when running your finger across it. There is a clear seam running its length and while most of this is perfect a close inspection of one side of the head shows the seam far more prominently though it has no impact on the toys use it bares mention.

The blade is 15.5cm long (6.1”), 8.7cm (3.1”) wide and 5mm (0.2”) thick which is a nice size for providing a dispersed impact over your willing participants backside. The blade itself is firm with minimal give but is also thin meaning there is a lot of flex. What makes the Plunge different from other paddles is that the handle has been designed to be a dildo. Sure there are plenty of paddles that you could use the handle as an insertable but generally it isn’t designed to be the case as it is with this paddle.

The handle/dildo measures 14.5cm (5.7”) in length with a bulbous head with a 10cm (4”) circumference – the shaft is 8.8cm (3.5”) at its widest point. The head curves upwards and there is also a slight curve to the shaft itself with the corpus spongiosum running it’s length on the underside. It is very firm with very little give but with force you can bend it.


The Test:

Handling the Plunge is an absolute pleasure as the slight curve on it makes it very comfortable to hold and fits perfectly in my hand. The silicone, though smooth, has plenty of grip for when dealing out some delicious punishments. Trying it on myself as I always do before using with my sub I was surprised at how much sting the blade actually delivers even with minimal effort put into the stroke.

She presented her backside to me for a thorough testing of the paddle and it really didn’t take long before she was rosey red all over her cheeks. I will admit I became a little slap happy with the Plunge because the sound of the impact on her backside was so close to the sound of a spank I just couldn’t help myself – I LOVE THAT SOUND.


As I said the her cheeks reddened quickly with minimal effort, flicks of the wrist mainly but the Plunge is deceptive and capable of delivering a far more intense pain than it may appear capable of for it’s size. Using harder strokes provided a “thwack” that seemed to echo and the following cries and in-taking of breath was almost deafening – it was so so hot! For people who like their marks and bruising the Plunge is more than happy to provide them in earnest.

Still very much aware of the stinging of her backside I lubed up the handle and plunged (totally intended pun) into her very willing pussy. As a dildo I found it to be quite fun to use, not as much as a paddle but still fun. The curvature of the shaft along with the head was extremely effective at stimulating her g-spot particularly as it was being repeated plunged inside her.

Although it does have about 6” of insertable length you can’t really use it all as trying to thrust while holding it so close to the blade is irritating and not really practical so really about 4” insertable to allow for a decent grip. As the shaft is of a manageable size for most people anal wasn’t a problem and I don’t believe it would be for anyone who has at least a couple of incursions through the rear under their belt. I must admit as an end to the play session it was quite amusing to watch her crawl with it up her rear and the blade acting as a makeshift, floppy tail.

Cleaning the Plunge couldn’t be simpler as it is boilable, bleachable and if you’re lucky enough to have a dishwasher it can go in there too. I opted for hot water and sex toy cleaner and left to dry while looking forward to using it again. The only concern I have with cleaning is the hole in the head which while very handy for adding a loop too for storage is a bit of a bugger to clean without something like a cotton bud.



When it comes to corporal punishment I can be very anal about it and I will be honest I am not a big fan of “two in one” toys. More often than not they feel lackluster in their respective functions whereas two separate toys, each with their own dedicated function perform better. Do I feel the same about the Plunge? Yes and no.

The dildo fashioned handle works relatively well as a dildo though handling it can be a bit tricky and as well constructed as it is it still feels like an added on novelty – not to be used with any real serious intent as you will get better use from your own dildo of choice. That is where anything negative I have to say ends because the handle as a handle is extremely comfortable to hold and quite ergonomic.

As a paddle the Plunge is fantastic, providing a deliciously evil sting with every stroke that sounds as good as a palm on ass spank and can quickly provide the recipient with a beautiful glowing rear end. It looks great in it’s matte black, clean and simple with no bells or whistles attached to complicate it and I love that.

From my perspective at $54.99/£36.00 you are paying for a high quality silicone paddle that happens to have a more comfortable, cock shaped handle should you want to add a bit of humiliation to your spanking as opposed to a “two in one” product. That said I certainly recommend it as an addition to your collection of impact toys, you won’t be sorry.

Silicone Spanking!

There is a lot of hype in more recent years about what we are putting inside and using on ourselves (good question to have!). One thing is sure beyond all else and that is that 100% Ultra-Premium Silicone is the bacon of sex toys once you get a taste of it you want more. So don’t let us hold you up click those cool bubbles below or the plain old text (not going to judge) to get yourself some of the authentic good stuff.

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