Oxballs Neo Ball Stretcher – Review

Disclosure: The “Oxballs Neo” Ball Stretcher has been kindly supplied for review by Uberkinky.co.uk.

This is my video review of the Oxballs Neo ball stretcher. I’ll be honest this is not the kind of item that I would go out of my way to review as I have always seen them as items used on a submissive male as part of CBT play and for those of you new to the site, I’m not a submissive.

That said I am always prepared (after a significant amount of prodding) to step out of my comfort zone and try something new and as I use cock rings every now and again this wasn’t too much of a stretch – pun totally intended. So I thought “why not? I’ll stretch my balls for a review”  and giggled to myself as I imagined putting that on my CV alongside “confident, team player”.

Watch the video to see more about it, what I thought of it and watch my future entails when it comes to “Ball Stretchers“.

UberKinky - Just_Indecerous


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