Meo U-Turn Butt Plug – Review

Meo UTurn Review by Just_Indecerous
Meo UTurn Review by Just_Indecerous

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The U-Turn butt plug doesn’t come with much in the way of packaging. It is wrapped in a clear plastic shrink wrap to keep it clean and that is it. Straight to the bin, nothing else to talk about here.

Meo UTurn Review by Just_Indecerous

The U-Turn Butt Plug:

The U-Turn Butt Plug is made from phthalate free TPR and once the shrink wrap has been removed there is a slight rubbery smell to it when placed close to the nose. It is certainly not the worst instance of this I have had and after a few washes it is pretty much gone but it’s not ideal. It is 6.7” in total length with 5.7” being insertable and has a girth of 4.7 inches with a flared, suction cup base which will prevent unwanted travel and will stick to most flat surfaces.

Meo UTurn Review by Just_Indecerous

The mould has been unfortunate with this plug though as what should be a smooth surface is marred by little dents all over the toy which although not easy to see at distance are clear up close and it just makes the plug look poorly made. It is shaped with a curved tip that is designed to stimulate the prostate during use and would function well as a G-Spot stimulator as well. As it is made from TPR it is very flexible and does have a fair amount of give to it. I have the black one here but it is also available as a clear, transparent toy if you prefer.

Meo UTurn Review by Just_Indecerous

In Use:

Ok so this U-Turn butt plug isn’t going to win the best dressed at the ball competition but can it still have it’s own moment in the spotlight? The short answer to that is yes, yes it can! I have a turbulent relationship with toys that are specifically designed to stimulate the prostate in that a lot of them can get me close but not over the edge. There are various factors that can contribute to this ie not big enough or too big, not firm enough or too firm, my prostate is just having a “fuck you, leave me alone” kind of day. Whatever the reason I generally expect to be wound up to the Nth degree, turned on and by the end furiously pumping away at a leaky cock.

Meo UTurn Review by Just_Indecerous

I found that inserting the U-Turn was very easy with a healthy dose of water based lube as it has a nice amount of give so the lack of a tapered head wasn’t an issue that many beginners may face. Laid on the bed on my side as I just let my ass take it all in was very satisfying, not to big but not too small and once fully inserted I had that nice full feeling that I look for. The curve of the head hit my prostate perfectly and it didn’t take more than a slight nudge of the base to apply more pressure that hard me standing to attention straight away.

I put my pants back on and found that it was very comfortable to wear around the house and just general movement had that head poking and prodding me in all the right ways! When I sat down to continue on with work at the computer the additional pressure on my prostate was delicious and just found myself rocking back and forth as I continued to work. It didn’t take long for that familiar tingle in the head of my cock to appear and I just kept rocking and grinding and before long I had to change my damn underwear, having just cum in my damn pants! It was amazing!

Meo UTurn Review by Just_Indecerous

Cleanup took a little longer than normal but that was due to the mess in my pants more than anything! The U-Turn was good after a clean with warm water, sextoy cleaner and left to air dry while it awaited another of many turns over the last month or so.


This is another of those occasions where I have a lot more negative things to say about a toy than I do positive and yet does the positive tip the scales in its favour? The finish on this Meo U-Turn butt plug is just awful but that could be a one of situation during production and even if the finish was perfect I would still say it’s not exactly great to look at. TPR is an inexpensive material works and keeps things cheap but also doesn’t have a great shelf life in terms of hygiene and these are things to consider when picking up a toy.

But does it work? That is a resounding “fuck yes” from my perspective. I found it extremely comfortable to wear and the shape of it, firmness of it etc hit all of the right spots for me. It just has that somewhat magical components all perfect that just works for me in such a beautiful way and explosive way! At €19.90/£15.06 it is pretty much within anyone’s budget and though I wish it were made better and of better quality material I can’t say it didn’t work well for me. You have to weigh up how much those negatives bother you. For me personally, when I feel it’s time to pick up a new one I will but until then I will continue to use the U-Turn.

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