Meo Beaded Butt Plug – Review

Meo Butt Plug Anal Orgasm Review by Just_Indecerous
Meo Butt Plug Anal Orgasm Review by Just_Indecerous

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The Beaded Butt Plug comes packaged in a clear plastic shrinkwrap, that’s it…nothing to see here, move along!

Meo Butt Plug Anal Orgasm Review by Just_Indecerous

The Beaded Butt Plug:

The Beaded Butt Plug is made from phthalate free TPR  and when removed from it’s shrinkwrap does have a slight rubbery odour to it when placed close to the nose. By no means the worst I’ve come across but still not ideal. It is 8” in total length, 6.3” of which is insertable with a flared, suction cup base which both prevents unwanted travel and allows you to stick it to flat surfaces.

Meo Butt Plug Anal Orgasm Review by Just_Indecerous

Meo Butt Plug Anal Orgasm Review by Just_Indecerous

The mould is of an ok quality for the most part though there is a clearly visible seam and several slight imperfections(holes/dents) on what would otherwise be a smooth surface. The three beads increase in size with the smallest being 3.7” in girth, the middle being 4.7” and the largest being 5.7”. It is a very flexible toy thanks to it being made of TPR and also feels quite soft and squishy and is available in either black or transparent.

Meo Butt Plug Anal Orgasm Review by Just_Indecerous

In use: sent me a few things for going up my rear but out of the bunch this was the one I was most looking forward to. Mainly because I do like a beaded texture and I’m not big on a thrusting motion when it comes to anal play, preferring either a full feeling or the slow pop of a bead going in/coming out. As this has a suction cup base I also wanted to give that ago and stuck it to a flat surface, lubed up both myself and the toy and began what should be the simple task of inserting it into my rear.

Unfortunately it wasn’t that simple as the combined lube on the toy and myself mixed with the soft,flexible nature of the TPR was a fiddly experience with the damn thing, slipping, sliding and bending every which way except up my ass! After about 5 minutes of dicking around I was able to get the first bead in with the use of both hands – one to try and hold the lubed up toy and the other stop the bead from straying away from its target. Eventually both the toy and my sphincter co-operated and I felt the pleasant pop of the first bead finding its way in.

Meo Butt Plug Anal Orgasm Review by Just_Indecerous

From here it was pretty clear sailing as the second bead found its way in easily as I pushed back against it and for a time just enjoyed the sensation of taking and removing that second bead which felt amazing. I removed the the plug from the surface and lay on my side on the bed as I slowly worked the largest bead in and again repeated the same play of removing it and alternating between taking one or two out. This felt amazing and the smoothness of the toy along with the varying size left me with a deliciously leaking hardon.

As this is a plug though it has to pass the normal comfort test so ignoring my need to pump away at my cock like a madman I fully inserted it, put my clothes back on and continued with my work down stairs. To be honest the flexibility of the toy works well in this regard and I had a very nice full feeling as I wore it, was comfortably able to move around and sit down which felt fantastic. After an hour or so I returned upstairs to resume my slow play which I aimed for my climax and treating the plug like anal beads quickly removed it at the point that I came resulting in one hell of a white mess on chest and stomach.

Meo Butt Plug Anal Orgasm Review by Just_Indecerous

After about 5 minutes when I regained the ability to use my legs I took the toy to wash it with some antibacterial soap and sex toy cleaner before leaving it in the bathroom to air dry, looking forward to our time together again!


I have mixed feelings about the Beaded Butt Plug. It looks cool in my opinion and it has a shape that I love but the finish on it is far from perfect so I don’t get a quality feel from it. It feels really good for the way that I like to use it but it is a little too soft and flexible making it fiddly to use, especially when getting started. The suction cup is great for opening up different uses for it but is a large base that some will find uncomfortable to wear if they treat it like a standard plug.

It is easy to clean but it is made of TPR which while better than other materials is still porous which gives it a shelf life for how long you can keep and use it before it becomes unhygienic to use, no matter how well you clean it. That said it is 16.90 euros or £12.68 which is very cheap and inexpensive to replace when required.

All in all I had a lot of fun with it once I got going, felt really good to use and I look forward to using it again. It provided me with that nice full sensation that I like with enough variation on the beads to have a nice degree of stretch while playing with it and myself.

If you would like your own Beaded Butt Plug you can get it here from

Meo Butt Plug Anal Orgasm Review by Just_Indecerous


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