Masturbation Monday 96 – Bêlit Asks For Release (finale)

#MasturbationMonday by Just_Indecerous
#MasturbationMonday by Just_Indecerous

Part two of Bêlit asks for release can be found here.

John’s fingers deftly played with Bêlit’s swollen clit, years of doing so had left him with an almost scholarly understanding of its workings. When to trace, circle, when to apply pressure, how much to best achieve his goal. As his fingers worked he held her in place, her rhythmic clenching against his cock skipping beats each time he applied a little more pressure as her body responded on its own.

He leaned forward and began kiss and nibble at the nape of her neck, “Please Master…don’t” she gurgled as John continued. He removed his fingers from her clit and as her body automatically followed he pulled hard on the belt that bound her arms to hold her in place. After a moment the fingers returned but now moved with increased speed as he gently kissed towards her shoulder.

“No Master, please!” she managed through ragged breaths.

The clenching of her pussy had lost all sense of rhythm, she was no longer in control and John knew it, the game was won. John always won. He bit hard into the flesh of her shoulder and as her head flew back Bêlit let out a scream as the pain shot through her. She pushed her her pussy down on to his fingers and John felt her convulse against his cock as he felt the trickle of her juices down his tense balls.

“No No No, I’m sorry Master, I didn’t mean to, I’m so so sorry” she began to plead as John removed his mouth from her shoulder, leaving his mark and watching as a single drop of blood ran down. With blinding speed he lifted her limp body off of his cock only to to place her across his knees. Grabbing a handful of hair to lift her head up he began to mercilessly connect his hand with her ass again and again.

“I told you, you were not to come until I had!” he bellowed as he continued his relentless assault on her quickly reddening behind. Each time he struck sounded like a thunderclap thanks to the echo of the room which was then followed by Bêlits pleading for forgiveness. John struck to the point that his palm burned hot before he pushed her from his lap, watching her crumble to the floor.

He stood, his cock dripping from the tip as he pulled his jeans back on. “Stay there and think about what you’ve done” he growled, “and how you plan to rectify the state you have left me in later.” John strode out of the room as Bêlit lay on the cold floor, she smiled.
“Yes Master” she sighed

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One thought on “Masturbation Monday 96 – Bêlit Asks For Release (finale)”

  1. Kayla Lords says:

    And of course, in the end, she wins too…which is the point. 😉

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