Masturbation Monday 95 Bêlit Asks For Release (part 2)

#MasturbationMonday by Just_Indecerous
#MasturbationMonday by Just_Indecerous

Part one of Bêlit asks for release can be found here.

John removed both his fingers from her quickly, hearing Bêlit groan at the sudden emptiness of her cunt. He licked his fingers before commanding her to the ground and watched as she did so with both speed and grace. He waited a few seconds to appreciate the site of her, her face to the floor, arms outstretched with palms faced down, her back beautifully arched with her ass up high and legs apart. The position left nothing to the imagination and as he walked to the next room John heard Bêlit shuffle on the floor to reposition herself.

After picking up a butt plug and some lube he returned and sat back on the chair and waited as Bêlit once again repositioned herself without prompt so that her ass was facing him. He smiled, filled with pride as he began to add lube to the plug before wiping the excess on her tight hole. As he slid a finger in he heard her sigh and she pushed back ever so slightly to get as much in as she could. Removing the finger he watched as it closed before sliding into two with a little twist. When he was satisfied he began to press the plug against the now slick pucker and slowly teased it into her, grinning as it greedily swallowed it, holding it in place.

“Stand, present position, facing away” He commanded and then stood as Bêlit rose to her feet. John removed his belt before taking Bêlit’s arms one at a time and bringing them out straight behind her. Using the leather belt he bound her arms in place then removed his jeans and shorts before sitting back down on the chair, his hard cock bobbing slightly at the movement as he shuffled into place. He let Bêlit stand there for a few moments before stating “you will step back my sweet, you will then sit and take my cock inside you. You will be allowed to cum only after I do but you will not be allowed to move, instead you must only use your pc muscles, do you understand?”

“Yes Master” she responded before stepping backwards so that his knees were between her legs and began to slowly lower herself. John considered not assisting at this stage but was feeling generous and held his cock in place as he grabbed the belt and pulled down slowly to guide her. He held her in place just as her pussy touched the tip of his cock, keeping her at a squat as he began to rub the head of his cock up and down her slit, her juices running freely. He held her there for about a minute just teasing her and listening to her moans as her legs began to strain with the position. He waited until her legs were about to give way and then pulled her down on top of him, the plug making for a very tight fit and Bêlit immediately began to squeeze rhythmically.

“You really have been doing well with your kegel exercises haven’t you my sweet?” He commented as she continued to grip him firmly and release in an effort to milk his cock.

“Yes Master, every day as instructed”

John lightly ran his fingers up her ribs, cupping each breast before starting to roll her nipples between finger and thumb. Circling them until erect before sharply squeezing them causing Bêlit to both squeak and clamp down hard on his cock. He alternated between gentle teasing and tight pinching, each time holding for longer than before. He didn’t need the fresh release of her juices to know how much she loved the pain but it was a welcome reminder nonetheless. He ran his fingers down her front, reaching between her legs while with the other hand holding the belt, finding her engorged clit with ease and started to tease it with his fingers.

“Good girl, now let’s make this even more interesting.”

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  1. Kayla Lords says:

    And this is me, squirming in my chair at that last part. Sounds like the best kind of torture to me. 😉

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