Masturbation Monday 79 – Kitten Works Away (Part 2)

#MasturbationMonday by Just_Indecerous
#MasturbationMonday by Just_Indecerous

Well it took me a while to get around to finishing off this little story didn’t it! For those who can’t remember or for those who would like to get caught up, here is part one of this story.


“I can’t wear those Sir!” she pouted.

“You can and you will Kitten” I grinned wickedly, “The last time you were at this event what happened?”

“I had a wonderful time and was invited back to speak this year Sir” She replied and as the words escaped her lips her eyes became distant as memory flooded back to her.

“Yes you did and I was so proud of you Kitten but what was I not so pleased with?”

Her distant gaze became focused as realisation struck like a hammer to a bell. Her eyes attempted to bore holes in the back of my head and before she could speak I continued. “You tore my favourite skirt Kitten, well It wasn’t you to be fair. It was the bartender that you took a bit of a liking to who tore my favourite skirt. None the less it was my favourite and you should have taken better care of it during your evening activities.”

Kitten’s gaze dropped for a moment before shooting back up, that defiant look in her eyes once again. “That was last year Sir! Surely you don’t mean to…”

“I do mean to my sweet Kitten. If you recall I said you would be punished though I assume you thought that I had forgotten. So I would say you were wrong, my memory is longer” and I wink into the camera.

She grins and I can hear shuffling through the phone’s speaker and Kitten fills the screen with the black buttplug that I had placed in with the skirt. “And what about this Sir? You can’t expect me to wear this while I am giving my talk?!”

“No of course not Kitten, I wouldn’t want you to be distracted while you are talking to all these pompous gits. I want you entirely focussed on your work and to deliver your presentation as best you can. I know you have worked hard on it. The plug is for before and that so make sure you take some lube with you so you can reapply”

I see Kitten smirk as she knows the meaning behind the inclusion of the plug. “My ass is off limits this year I take it Sir?” I nod my agreement. “Would you like me to get ready now?” and again I nod.

I watch as she places the phone to rest on the desk to give me a clear view as she attaches the suspender belt before sitting on the edge of the bed to slowly put on her stockings, deliberately taking her time. As her hands unroll them up each of her legs I can feel my growing erection. I’ve always loved stockings, I couldn’t tell you why I just know that I always have. Each snap of the suspenders into place sense a shockwave through me and I unconsciously reach down and begin slow strokes of my cock.

Kitten looks directly at the phone smiling before disappearing and returning in short order with some lube. She climbs back on to the bed and turns slowly, her ass pushed up towards me and a moment later her hand comes round and her fingers began circling her tight hole. Sliding in a few times before apply more lube to her fingers and repeating the process. I continue my strokes as I see her bring the buttplug around and begin to teasingly slide it inside, she plays with it for a few moments and I can barely hear a moan, but it’s there and my strokes get faster and more frantic. She finally lets is slide all the way in and I watch as her tight hole greedily swallows it up, only the flat base now visible between her cheeks. She gives her ass a playful wiggle and as she does I make a mess of my sheets, warm cum dripping down my hand.

She turns and I keep my breathing level and watch as she steps into the offending skirt, a short black circle skirt which she slips up her legs into place, leaving the just a hint of the top of her stockings on show. Finally she places her bra on while facing away and turns again as she begins to button up the shirt, with a final flick of her hair she blows a kiss to me.

“How do you feel kitten?” I ask.

“More full than you are right now sir, have a good day” she cheekily replies.

“Why you little….”

And she ends the call. She will pay for that at another time.

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  1. Kayla Lords says:

    She’s cheeky and a butt-wiggler. I like her. 😉

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