Masturbation Monday 71 – Primal Play Fight

#MasturbationMonday by Just_Indecerous
#MasturbationMonday by Just_Indecerous

Has been a while since I last did a Masturbation Monday, good to be back. Enjoy.

It all started with a remote of all things. It’s funny how the smallest thing can bring about her need to challenge me for position at the top of the chain. I made it clear that I was going to pause the movie in order to get more drinks but she snatched the remote from my hand, jumped off the sofa and stood there in the centre of the room. Eyes fixed on mine, her playful, challenging grin that I know so well on her face I turn back to the TV. Out of the corner of my eye I see her move but choose to ignore it and then feel the impact of a pillow hit my face.

Within seconds we are stood toe to toe, her hands on her waist looking up into the flames that are my eyes and for a long moment there is no sound and neither of us blink. I take a step back only to see that smile again on her face which is swiftly removed as the pillow in my hand connects with the side of her head, knocking her off balance. I laugh until I feel the warm sting of her open palm slapping my cheek and I snap back, “Do that again!” I growl threateningly and without a second thought she lets other hand fly predictably.

Her wrist is caught mid flight, the blow not connecting and for a second there’s a look of panic in her eyes before it’s replaced by stubborn determination and she struggles to release from my grip. Now it is my turn to smile and as I do I move back to the sofa, pulling her with me before sitting and throwing her over my knee, he legs kicking out as she struggles against the grip on her wrist. With my free hand I lift up her skirt before landing the first of a series of hard spanks across her ass but in a moment of admiring the flood rushing to the surface of her skin she has managed to wriggle backwards and sunk her teeth into my thigh mercilessly. The pain screams through my body and I throw her off me to the floor.

Before she has time to recover I’m already on top of her but as I try to get a grip of her hands one finds it’s way to the back of my head and yanks my hair. I grab her wrist and press with my thumb forcing her to release her grip and as soon as she does I take the opportunity to pin it above her head. Her free hand claws at my neck until I have secured it with the other in, holding both wrists with one hand. She continues kicking in protest as I position myself between her legs, prying them open enough to rip away her soaked panties. She raises her head and manages to get her teeth on my forearm, biting hard. I grit my teeth as again pain roars through me while I undo my jeans and release my hard cock from its material prison.

As I slam into her she releases her grip and the most primal scream escapes her throat her eyes again fix on mine but as I continue my ruthless thrusts where there was fire is now blissful glee. Her legs wrap around me tight and I grab her ass with my free hand, letting all my weight fall upon her as I continue to push myself repeatedly inside her. I release her hands just as I am about to cum only for her to dig her nails into my back and drag them down it as if desperately scrambling up a cliff. I know I’m bleeding but I don’t care and neither does she. I cum deep inside her and for moments afterwards, we lay there just holding on to each other with only our panting audible.

We come to our senses and we both relax before kissing passionately. My cock subsides and I move back leaving her empty. I rest my head on her chest and I see the remote and as I reach out for it she grabs my arm, digging her nails in. I turn to see those eyes ablaze again and that wicked grin has returned. “We’re not done” is all she says before kissing me deeply again.


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2 thoughts on “Masturbation Monday 71 – Primal Play Fight”

  1. India Reid says:

    Hot! And… surprisingly sweet? I loved this, darlin’! Gorgeous job.

  2. Kayla Lords says:

    Welcome back!

    I love when we got primal. It always seems that one of us can drive the other over the edge. Rough and tumble, followed by wild, animalistic fucking? Yes please! 🙂

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