Masturbation Monday 62 – Kitten Works Away (Part 1)

#MasturbationMonday by Just_Indecerous
#MasturbationMonday by Just_Indecerous

The phone begins to ring and I roll over to look at the clock – 7am and bang on time. I reach for vibrating phone and sit up in the bed, rubbing the sleep out of my eyes before focussing on the image of Kitten on the screen. She has only been gone one evening but seeing her image is a harsh reminder that the bed is empty, save for myself. You would think I would be used to it given the amount she travels for work but even now, after three years together it still feels…strange.

I swipe to answer the video call, “good morning Sir, how did you sleep?” she smiles. She looks beautiful, but then she always does first thing in the morning. Unlike me Kitten is an early bird and judging by the towelled dry hair she has been up about half an hour. I know she has done that deliberately, she knows how much I like this particular look she is sporting but I choose not to draw attention to it.

“Very well Kitten, thank you. How was your evening?”

She scrunches her face in a playful display of disgust. “Oh the same old, same old. Boring business chatter, fake smiles and the underlying feeling of resentment among people who can’t stand one another, Sir”

I chuckle, “Well rather you than me Kitten! Have you completed your positions this morning?”

“I have Sir and I also made sure the timer was set on the coffee machine downstairs, by the time you remove your hairy ass out of bed all you should have to do is pour” she responds before giving a mischievous grin.

Giving a firm glare into the phone she sniggers and does her best puppy dog eyes. “Cheeky Kitten, you have to come back home some time and I have a long memory” I playfully threaten.

“I can think of something you have that is longer than you memory Sir” she replies before giving a wink. “Would you like to select today’s outfit now or shall I call you back three or four times to make sure you are awake?”

“I think I will select now thank you Kitten” returning the wink and suddenly the expression on her face changes from jovial to suspicious and I grin wickedly.

She pans the phone over the bed where she has carefully arranged all the clothes she packed for the trip. When she is home she will select to outfits in the evening that she would like to wear the next day and I will pick between them. When she is away however, this is how we achieve that same routine. I admire her what she has chosen to take with her, skirts of varying length, a couple of nice tops, a few pieces of her favourite lingerie and I spot the red shirt that I love so much. Bringing the camera back to herself she asks if I’ve made a choice.

“There seems to be an item missing Kitten” I tease, “It should be inside the inner compartment of the suitcase, please fetch it. It will go really well with the red shirt, the black bra, the black lace suspender belt and your seamed stockings.”

She looks at me confused, knowing there shouldn’t be anything in that compartment as she packed her suitcase but that didn’t stop me from adding something. She puts the phone down and all I see is blackness and can hear as she rummages before I hear her exclaim “oh no”. The shuffling continues and the blackness on the screen is replaced by her mixed look of incredulity and wilful determination.

“No!” She pouts.

“Oh yes Kitten” I laugh.

Continued in Part 2 here.

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2 thoughts on “Masturbation Monday 62 – Kitten Works Away (Part 1)”

  1. Kayla Lords says:

    It’s not just the kinky suspense of not knowing what’s in her bag that I like. It’s also that I can identify so well. This could be a conversation between my own SSir and I when one of us is away. I may need to keep this post away from him or some interesting things could wind up in my suitcase next time, lol.

  2. i love the dynamic here!

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