Masturbation Monday #57 – Playtime with Bêlit (part 3)

#MasturbationMonday by Just_Indecerous
#MasturbationMonday by Just_Indecerous

You can find part 2 here.

I look down on her, and tell her to put it away and as her hands move to my cock she looks at me with a sadness that threatens to break my heart – she’s so good at that look. Sometimes it gets her what she wants or at the least presents the illusion of it but in the end, what I want is what she wants. I feel her hand on me as she fumbles with my erection trying to get it back behind the cage of my pants. The struggle is almost comical and I yearn to burst into a fit of laughter but as the zip of my fly slowly returns to its place I keep my expression straight. I let go of her cheek and as I stand she moves her body backwards, returning to her kneeling position. I didn’t have to speak, the hint was in the standing, in making her put my cock away the first part of the the game is finished and now she kneels, ready and waiting for the next part of the game to begin.

Running my fingers down her face I ask her to take a pillow and place it on the centre of the bed and after doing so she is to bind herself to each of the four corners of the attachments to the restraint system under the bed. Without question she rises gracefully and begins to follow my request. I turn to watch, hands clasped behind my back and I soak in all of her beauty and once again find myself asking how someone so perfect could be mine.

She lays the pillow in place before slowly crawling on to the bed, knowing I’m watching her. She gives her ass a playful wiggle and I see the jewel from the steel plug glimmer in the light before she sits on the cushion and reaches for the first clip and attaches it to the O-ring on her left ankle cuff. I walk to the foot of the bed and watch as she attaches the second to her other ankle and then both of her wrists. The restraints are loose, deliberately so that this evening she can bind herself and while watching her do so I’m intrigued as to what is going through her mind. I could bind her, I could overpower her and throw her to the bed and restrain her, I could do restrain her in the same fashion that I put her collar and cuffs on. But there is just something about watching her willingly bind herself for me, knowing that when she has done so she is at my mercy, her body a canvas for me to work with. And yet, is she any more or less bound now than she was a few minutes ago? While on her knees unable to serve the cock we both so desperately want her to serve. Am I any more free?

I take a blindfold and place it on her before placing my hand on her chest and indicating that I want her to lay down. Once in place I go to each corner of the bed and tighten each of the straps of the restraints pulling both her arms and legs wide and taut, her cream like skin a perfect contrast on the black satin sheets. I run my finger up the inside of her thigh and watch as her body reacts to the shock of the touch, I listen as her deep, slow breathing raises and lowers her chest and what was once a statue now seemed like a willing sacrifice. To what gods I have no idea but there is no doubt in my mind such a sacrifice would not only appease but would make any other jealous.

I lean in to lightly kiss her lips and as her lips open to receive a deeper, more passionate kiss I move my lips to her neck where again I gently kiss. Using the tip of my nose I trace down from her neck to her breast where I begin my light kisses again towards her nipple which has decided it is more than ready for attention. I run my tongue around her areola, slowly working closer it and as I lightly tease it with my tongue I hear a moan escape Bêlits lips. In that moment I place my lips over the her nipple and begin to suck lightly – eliciting more notes of music from her. She loves attention on her nipples, given enough time I know she could even climax from it and as she moans once more I bite, sharp and quick and like an electric shock had just passed through her her back arches and the moan is replaced by an intake of breath through gritted teeth. I release the nipple just as quickly as I held it and watch as more blood engorges it before playing with it between finger and thumb as I attend to her sister. But where one was bitten I just tease this one and let Bêlit wonder if I repeat the action – I don’t.

I continue my journey southward down her body, keeping my face close to her skin as I gently kiss here and there, breathing on to to her skin and watching as the dimples rise for me. The further I travel the warmer I seem to get, the more a fever seems to burn in my head and I take in a deep breath and take it all in. My head swims with her smell, I can smell the soap she used on her skin, the sweat on her body and overpowering all is the smell of her arousal. The juices that soak her at this moment – it’s a heady concoction, intoxicating and my own personal drug and I will indulge to my heart’s content.

Taking place between her bound legs I move slowly closer to Bêlit’s waiting cunt and though every ounce of me wants to drink my fill and then some I start slow. Kissing, nibbling and licking around her lips. Lightly passing over her exposed clit as if by accident while on route somewhere else. Her body jerks each time I do and I smile. Her breathing, her moans, her movements direct my mouth as it works it’s way around it until I could no longer resist the urge and pushed my tongue into her and tasting her in all her glory. While I lapped and sucked my fill she fought against her restraints, her body acting of it’s own accord as I know her mind was in turmoil. I began to tease the plug in her ass as I continued to feast like a wolf devouring it’s kill and I was thankful for the blindfold – I must look like a craven junkie desperate for his next fix.

A gargled “please” manages to escape Bêlits lips in between breaths and pulls me from my reverie. Instinctively I move to her clit and alternate between sucking, licking and teasing circles – Just the way she likes it. I remove the plug slowly as I do before sliding it back in just as slow, her breathing becoming more and more laboured. I ask if she is ready to cum and she replies with a hurried acknowledgement and I move back to her cunt and kiss her clit before moving off the bed.
“Please SIR” I remind her and her moan echoes in my mind as I walk to the wall of toys and remove a leather flogger. “Perhaps this will remind you”.

Part 4




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One thought on “Masturbation Monday #57 – Playtime with Bêlit (part 3)”

  1. Kayla Lords says:

    Unf. That’s all I’ve really got for this one. Just…unf. And yes, as the one who is usually bound, I can imagine that a willing submissive who binds herself is probably more arousing than binding her yourself. It’s being willing enough to submit that we actually put ourselves into place instead of being “forced” into it. Yeah, pretty damn hot. 🙂

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