Masturbation Monday #55 – Playtime With Bêlit (part 1)

Walking into the bedroom I see Bêlit kneeling perfectly on the floor. Naked, her back straight and pushing her chest out, knees open with her hands resting on her knees. She doesn’t look at me as I enter the room, remaining perfectly still with her chin up and green eyes facing forward. She sits as if she were a statue, a proud monument of sexuality and devotion. The sight of her makes me smile as it always does, my heart skips a beat and I get butterflies in my stomach as though I were 16 again – every damn time.

She sits immobile as I circle around her three times and on each pass I caress her silk like skin, her shoulders, her breasts and her neck before standing in front of her to look upon her. It is important that I stand above her at this moment though every ounce of my soul wishes to join forces with gravity and pull me to my knees. To kneel at this gift the universe has been so I kind to provide me, to be humbled by its presence and to worship it as the goddess it is. I stand despite the urge.

A lifetime passes in but a moment and without prompt or any other movement she raises her right hand to me, enough to just be above her head. Taking her hand in mine I bow to kiss her wrist before I place the metal cuff on her wrist and the snapping of it shut sounds like a thunderclap against the silence and I see the slightest hint of a masked smile. Her hand takes its place back on her knee and in the same motion the left hand is presented similarly and the process is repeated.

I take a large step back and without any further prompt she closes her legs, swings them around and lays back taking her second position. I remember practicing that motion again and again until she got it right, until it was as fluid and natural as water moving down a stream. She lays still, her fingers clasped behind her head and again her legs spread open. I can see her sex clearly now and she lifts her right leg to me I can see the faint glisten of arousal. Caressing down her leg and back before kissing her ankle I then place the steel cuff around it before repeating the process the other.

Watching the serpentine motion as she moves back into a kneeling position our eyes meets for a second and the light in her eyes both arouses and terrifies me in equal measure. She returns to her statue like state but with her head lowered and as it does I walk slowly behind her, steel collar in hand. Running my fingers across her shoulder again I feel the warmth of her skin and as I bend to kiss her neck I take in the smell of her. I place the collar on her neck and she shivers as the cold steel meets warm flesh and as I step back her head raises and she says “I am the flower in need of the light, you are the sun that gives me life. I am the lost and you are the sanctuary that gives me shelter and care.” Stepping towards her I run my hands over her shoulders and down her arms as I repeat the same mantra.

As I utter final word she leans forward so that her head touches the floor, her arms outstretched ahead of her, one hand over the other. Her back arches slightly and her buttocks part giving a clear view of both her cunt and her asshole. I could take her right now and lord knows I want to. I take the steel buttplug from the side table and trace it from her neck down her spine before I add some lube to it and her tight hole, sliding a finger in. I know she has been waiting all day for this, that moment when the ritual is complete and she can feel whole. Removing my finger I ask for her hand and she hesitates for a second before offering it, I’ve caught her off guard. This is not how I would normally proceed but I have something else in mind. I give her the plug and tell her to hold it for a moment as I take a few steps back and sit in my seat. “Proceed” is all I say and I watch as she slowly presses the plug against herself, turns it and begins to stretch that beautiful hole, playing with it to get it accommodated to the steel intruder that is about to fill it for the time being. She gives that satisfied moan as her sphincter gives way and swallows it down and though I couldn’t see it, I know she licked her lips in that moment.

Returning her hand to her other she is now still again, a monument of debauchery and yet still proud, still every bit the goddess as before. I look upon her from my chair and only then do I notice the pain of the erection in my pants.

Part 2 can be found here



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5 thoughts on “Masturbation Monday #55 – Playtime With Bêlit (part 1)”

  1. I love the moment she reveals just enough of herself that a sliver of glistening arousal is evident

  2. Kayla Lords says:

    There is so much I love here. The need/desire to kneel with her, the ability to stay strong and continue standing, “monument of debauchery.” Yes, yes, YES! More please! 🙂

  3. Beck says:

    Can’t wait to read part 2.

  4. this is so deeply sensual, and reverent…just lovely…

  5. This is lovely – but I’ve got a feeling it could get dirty 😉

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