Masturbation Monday 54 – The First Touch

This weeks  Masturbation Monday prompt reminded me of an experience many years ago with my first love. When I see an image like that it is always what I think of as the experience is burned into my mind and is one of my happiest memories. We were laid together on my bed just kissing and caressing one another for what seemed like days. At this point we had never had sex with each other though we both had our own experiences and as far as we had gone was a lot of kissing and some over clothes fondling.

I remember so clearly the kissing becoming very intense and her pulling away to look me in the eyes. They shined brightly with need as she took my hand and guided it under her skirt and down into her panties. I slid my hand in and immediately felt her arousal and as I traced the shape of her lips I slid a finger into her warmth and caught her moan with another kiss.

I began to slide in and out slowly with a single finger before adding a second as we continued to kiss and she wrapped her arms around me pulling me close. I moved my fingers up to her clit and began to tease it with a slow circling motion and as she gasps and moaned I began to speed up my movements.

As her breathing became heavy and laboured our eyes were locked together. Anything could have happened in that moment and neither of us would have been any the wiser. It as if we existed in our own little bubble, the only sounds were her moans of pleasure, the breathing and my fingers gliding over her clit.

“Please don’t stop” she managed, it was all she could manage to get out and as per her request I continued to play, my fingers moving quicker and quicker as her breathing sped up more and move. She seemed to look through me, beyond me as all of a sudden she lunged forward as her thighs clamped around my hand and she stifled a cry into my shoulder before going limp and crashing back to the bed.
I removed my hand from her panties as she drew in breath and licked her lips and gave a satisfied smile as her focus returned to me. I sucked my finger, enjoying the sweet taste of her before looking down and noticing her hand on my painfully hard cock still in my trousers. She smiled again, those eyes penetrating me and pulled down the zip.





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3 thoughts on “Masturbation Monday 54 – The First Touch”

  1. That was so hot. Also really sweet. Sweet and sexy is a great combo. 🙂

  2. awww, this is sooo sweet!

  3. Kayla Lords says:

    Mmmmm, now that’s a nice memory. Welcome to Masturbation Monday!

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